6 Important Tips For Buying A Used Stroller

There is no better way to gift your baby than buying her a stroller. But sometimes you might lack enough money to buy a new stroller. But there is a way you can still get a high quality baby stroller at a cheaper cost; and that is through the purchase of a second-hand product.

In this way, you will surely save some money for use in other areas. I’ve gone this route before and I can confidently say that you can still find already used strollers in good conditions out here. Do you want to buy one? Are you afraid that you might buy something that will be sub-standard?

Well, in this article, I’m going to let you know of the important tips for buying a used stroller. By the end of your reading, you’ll be more enlightened and ready to go for a stroller that will still give you the best services. Take a look.

Tips For Buying A Used Stroller

1.Safety of the stroller

Your safety and that of your newborn baby should be given the first priority at any given time. Given that you are going to buy a stroller that has already been used elsewhere, there is some possibility that some of its safety features might not be okay. You should therefore, look into the safety of the stroller before you decide buy it.

You need to look for a stroller that hasn’t been used to the extent that it is no longer sturdy. Check that all the screws, nuts and bolts are in place and are properly tightened. Remember, if the stroller happens to have some weak points, it might come down with your baby in it and this might even cause serious injuries to the baby.

Also check the brakes and the 5-point harness if they are in a working condition. Actually, what is a stroller minus these important components? The harness system shouldn’t in any way appear to be loose or slack.

Another key safety feature that shouldn’t be ignored by any buyer is the locking mechanism. I’ve in more than one occasion seen children being treated of finger injuries as a result of their fingers being caught in the stroller hinges.

Just ensure that you check the general condition of the stroller as this is what will make you certain of the safety condition of the stroller. The wheels, edges among others should be in perfect state for maximum safety of your newborn.

2. Check if the stroller has been recalled in the past

It is in best practice that whoever is selling a product, whether new or second-hand doesn’t do it in bad faith. This means that the stroller being sold for the second time should be as good as new. Whoever decides to sell a dangerous stroller to another parent can be charged in a court of law.

To ensure that the product isn’t a dangerous one and can still be used, check if it has been recalled before. Ask for the stroller’s serial number, model and make and use the information to check for recalls.

There are instances where the manufacturer recalls a product due to some minor omissions like missing nuts among others. It doesn’t mean that if a stroller had been recalled before it can’t be bought. You can still go ahead and buy the stroller as the defect could have been sorted out from the time the recall was done.

For all your recall information, check with Consumer Product Safety Commission. If by any chance the recall was as a result of a major issue or there are no records showing whether the problem was rectified, then don’t buy such a stroller.

Only buy something that you are sure will meet your expectations. If you happen to be in doubt of a particular stroller then you better don’t purchase it. You can’t afford to gamble with your child’s well-being.

3. Check the features and price of the new version of the stroller 

What additional features are there on the new version of the used stroller that you want to buy? What is the difference in prices of the new version and the one you are interested in? How much does it cost to buy a new stroller of the same model?

Sometimes you might find that a used stroller is being sold at almost the same price as a new one. It doesn’t make sense if you have to spend the same amount you could have spent on a new stroller on a second-hand one. In fact, new versions often tend to have additional features which should make them a bit costly.

Generally, a used stroller shouldn’t go for a price that is more than 60% of the new one. High-end or recently-bought strollers, however, can go for more than this percentage. Again, you should be aware of the features and accessories of a new stroller of the same make or one that appears closer to it.

From here you can know of the missing components which will be a sure ticket to you buying at a cheaper price. Also check on the types of reviews the product has gotten across every market; online or offline market. From here you’ll know some of the merits and demerits of buying that used stroller. From the ease of operation to folding to seat comfort; you can only be made aware of all these from reviews.

There shouldn’t be much difference between the used stroller and a new one in terms of features. The used one should be as easy to use as a new one. This is more or less the same thing you would have done when buying a new stroller.

4. Know what type of baby stroller you need

There are different types of strollers available for use for different purposes by mothers. Do you really know the type that will serve you better? If you don’t then it is prudent that you do some little research on what is likely to serve you better.

Is it a jogging stroller, travel stroller or travel system et cetera? What are some of the differences between these types of strollers? Which of them is most likely to survive in the environmental conditions you are currently living in?

What are some of the other used strollers available to you? Always compare and contrast between the used strollers you come across before settling on one that surely stands out. Don’t just go for the stroller that you first come across when there are other options that could be available at your disposal.

As you go about your research, narrow down to a stroller that has the features that you so desire to have in your newborn’s ride.

5. Check on the seller’s return policy and warranty

What do you do with a product once you’ve bought it only to find that it is not what you were looking for? If the seller had a return policy then you can take it back and get it replaced with another one, or you get your money back in full, or just some percentage depending on the terms and conditions of the policy.

But what happens when there is no return policy? Where do you take the stroller? This is an area that you really need to pay close attention to before you purchase a used stroller. Most used strollers sold on Amazon, eBay and consignment and thrift stores often have return policies for products that might not satisfy the needs of the buyer.

When you happen to buy from an individual on the other hand, there is high unlikelihood that there is going to be a return policy. But any good seller should do a follow-up after a couple of days to find out if that’s really what you needed.

A good seller should also open up about whatever they’re selling and talk about flaws in case there were some. In some cases the seller might take the stroller back and offer refund or replacement.

There are also some sellers that might offer you a warranty. The longer the warranty period, the more reliable the stroller is likely to be. I wouldn’t recommend you to buy a used stroller without a return policy as well as a warranty. It is like buying stuff that even the seller isn’t sure of its reliability and dependence.

6. General cleanliness of the stroller

Carry out a thorough examination of the stroller’s physical outlook. A stroller that has already been used might have been exposed to some bacteria and dirt that might cause some discomfort to your baby. You shouldn’t transfer germs and dirt from such kind of a baby stroller back home.

I am not saying that a used stroller should be perfectly neat without dirt, but there is some reasonable level of cleanliness that should be found in a stroller; too much dirt is dangerous. If the stroller is not clean then insist that it gets cleaned up and disinfected whenever possible.

Better still, you can perform the disinfection yourself just at home. You’ll be more satisfied with what you’ve done yourself more than what has been done in your absence. Vacuuming and sterilization are some other important cleaning exercises you can do to the stroller.

Wrapping Up

Second-hand products always come as a reprieve to customers who are short of funds to buy new ones. Getting the best of these products, especially strollers, can at times be quite difficult. But with the tips discussed above, you will definitely get value for your money.

The process of purchasing a used stroller should be undertaken cautiously just like it is done to the new ones. I hope that you are now informed and you’ll make the best decisions when in need of a used stroller. Is there anything that you feel I’ve left out? Feel free to share your thoughts with me.

  • December 5, 2018
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