A Comprehensive Review Of The Top 10 Cheap Strollers in 2018

We can’t deny the fact that strollers can be pretty expensive at times. Under normal circumstances, a good one will set you back a couple of hundred dollars. With all the other baby care essentials that you have to take care of, buying an expensive stroller may be inconceivable.

What most parents don’t realize is that you don’t have to spend all that much on a stroller if you have budgetary constraints. You can get absolute bargains for under $100. I have collected a list of top 10 cheap strollers that are worth every penny.

It would be foolhardy to compare them to their luxurious and expensive counterparts, but some do pack almost equal features. These cheap strollers are sufficient evidence that you can still cruise your baby in sheer style and comfort on a daily basis on a budget stroller pick.

Attributes to Look for in the Best Cheap Strollers

1. Travel System Compatibility

When travelling with a newborn, you need to make special considerations for the cheap stroller you buy. Before they attain the age of 6 months, babies need a travel system or carrier to provide for their lack of head and neck control.

The travel system’s compatibility allows for the seat to be reclined to some degree for sufficient support. Not all of the cheap strollers have this provision. Therefore, look for one that either comes with an infant car seat (very few do) or one that you can at least attach the seat on.

They are a life saver. Once the baby has sufficient support, they can revert to the stroller seat. Some infant car seats can be expensive, and since you are looking to cut costs, here if the stroller seat reclines to a near flat position, then it could be of great help.

2. Type of Stroller

Cheap strollers come in all manner of shapes, sizes, and colors. They all meet different needs of different parents. There are joggers, single, double strollers, sit and stand, and umbrella strollers.

  • Single Strollers

These types are designed for single passengers. If you are looking for a 1-person stroller, then these are the types you should start your search with. The available cheap options usually weigh as little as 12 pounds.

  • Double Strollers

For twins, you have a variety of strollers to choose from. Unfortunately, most of the top cheap doubles are an umbrella and side by side strollers. As you are aware, they are harder to maneuver than tandem strollers but are the cheaper alternative.

However, they should still be able to get through a myriad of standard 30” wide doors. Since they take up lots of trunk space, consider an umbrella one because of their compact fold. Sturdiness is not their strongest suits, but they are light and easy to fold.

  • Jogging strollers

These are for the active parents but can as well be used for normal day to day stroller needs. The design has tall parents in mind, with the long handlebar for preventing parents from bumping into the stroller frame. Pneumatic tires, parking brakes and swivel lock are a must.

These stroller types are sturdy, handle almost all terrains and have the front wheel lockable.

  • Sit and Stand Strollers

For the best value for money, these options are usually the best. You can have two different aged children on board. One child can be seated, while the older one stands at the back. Alternatively, both can be seated.

3. How Much Are You Willing to Spend

The term “cheap strollers” is a subjective one. What I may consider cheap may not be cheap for you. I have tried as much as possible to keep the stroller below the $100 mark, which is, in my opinion, the benchmark of cheap for most parents.

However, because of the features, accessories, and capabilities of certain strollers, I considered some options slightly above but not more than $130. It is advisable that you work on a budget considering the features you want and then begin your search from there.

4. 5-point Safety Harness

In attempts to cut down on the stroller cost, some options come with a 3-point safety harness. However, the safest option is the 5-point harness one. It secures the baby at the waist, between the legs, and above the shoulders.

Effectively, this all-around strapping keeps the baby from sliding out of the seat and falling. In addition, it prevents the baby from climbing out of the stroller when you are not monitoring. Shoulder straps should be padded for a gentle press on the baby as well as being adjustable.

The provided buckles have to be easy to operate, but not for kids’ little hands to figure out.

5. One-Hand, One-Step Folding Mechanism

As a parent, you need a stroller that allows you to fold it with one hand and hold the baby with the other. In as much as it seems hard to get done, it is possible when the folding mechanism is right. Lots of these strollers are 1-hand operated, freeing up the other hand.

At the same time, a stroller that self-stands after folding is a big bonus. You don’t have to lay it on a wall or hallway during storage. Getting your work cut out for you is what parenting is all about.

6. Extendable Canopy

To ensure that your baby is protected at all times from inclement weather and intense sunlight, a large-sized canopy is a must. If it is possible, find one that you can reverse such that when the baby is facing behind, she/he stays protected.

If it is a double or a sit and stand stroller, both children should have their canopies. The problem is this; most of these cheap strollers have a skimpy canopy that provides minimalistic cover. As such, you may have to buy an attachable one to better the effect.

When it comes to canopies, it is not only the size that matters. There has to be ventilation mechanisms for when it gets hot. Additionally, a visor (peekaboo window) is a necessity for keeping in tabs with what the baby is up to without stopping and going over to check.

7. Amount of storage

When running an errand, you need to bring along as much gear as possible. It is not to mean that you convert the stroller into a mini-closet. All in all, sufficient storage underneath the seat, back of the seat and on the side is what makes life easier for parents.

Do not expect to find lots of space on a cheap stroller except for the cargo basket under the seat. However, there are exceptions as some are fitted with zippered compartments, meshed pockets at the back of seats or on the parent tray.

The basket has to carry sufficient load while retaining a sufficient clearance above the ground. Part of the storage space includes the cup holder for both kids (s) and parent.

8. Foot-Activated Brakes

Your child’s safety is something not to compromise on. Consider the brakes for instance. They are a must on any stroller. The difference is how they are activated. There are the foot-activates options, hand-operated, or linked but foot operated.

It is the former that is common among these budget-friendly strollers. They comprise a pedal on the rear wheels that you have to press on to activate all the parking brakes individually. I must admit that they are not the most flip-flop friendly, but you get what you pay for.

Top 10 Cheap Strollers Reviews

1. Graco Verb Click Connect Stroller


For approximately less than $90, this Graco Verb Click Connect Stroller seems like a real deal for parents with a low budget. There is a slight catch though; you have to be an Amazon Prime member to buy it at that price. And if you consider the features it is packed with, it provides a great value for your bucks. If you are looking for a cheap quality single stroller, then here is one.

The perks you get include a lightweight stroller with 2 riding options for your little one. Weighing just about 18 pounds, it is one that doesn’t break your back just as it doesn’t break your bank. The stroller accepts an infant car seat for newborns who can later upgrade to the comfortable stroller seat. Either way, the click connect feature is an added convenience.

Besides being very portable, it has a 50 pounds’ weight limit for the stroller seat. That weight should hold your baby up to about 4-5 years of age. A built-in suspension system makes rides smoother than without one. The front wheels that swivel on smooth and busy streets can be locked in place. You can then have better directionality on rough terrains.

Other features such as the 1-step, 1-hand fold, convertible safety harness system, and decent accessories make it a great buy. A storage basket holds the child supplies while the 2-cup holder parent tray holds your drinks and smartphone. Nonetheless, the plastic wheels seem less durable, while the canopy could do with an extendable part.


  • Weight capacity of 50 pounds
  • 2-step brakes
  • Multi-position recline seat
  • 1-step, 1-hand fold
  • Carry straps
  • Window on canopy
  • Weighs 18.9 pounds
  • 2-riding options
  • Click Connect infant car seat
  • Standard-sized storage basket
  • Parent tray, 2 cup holders
  • 3-5-point convertible harness
  • Pivoting child tray
  • Measures 25” x 18” x 40.5”


  • Lightweight for portability
  • Certified to be frustration-free
  • Easy to spot clean frame and fabric
  • Multi-position recline seat
  • Quick to set up
  • Durable
  • Decent canopy size
  • Accepts a good number of infant car seats
  • Parent and child trays hold lots of snacks and drinks


  • Plastic wheels wear quickly
  • No extendible part on the canopy
  • The basket could be bigger

2. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller


Are you a parent who works out often? If you do, then how does less than $80 sound for a jogging stroller? Affordable, right? The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller is an ideal choice for active parents who would love to bring their kids along for a dose of fresh air. You also get to experience the fun outdoors together, adding to the parent-child bonding session.

The stroller features the classic 3-wheel design of jogger strollers. These bicycle-grade tires are air filled for an effortless glide over any surface, especially the rough terrains. While jogging, a 5-point safety harness gives your baby the freedom to shift about in their seats without compromising on safety.

Its front wheel can be either let to pivot freely, or locked when the need arises. This feature is great when you use the stroller for regular purposes apart from jogging. Locking the swivel turns it into a jogger while letting it free allows it to convert to a standard stroller. The stroller is compatible with infant car seats from Baby Trend, effectively converting it into a travel system.

Lots of convenient features are fitted on to the stroller. The onboard parent console comprises a 2 cup holder as well as a storage compartment. A rubber handle makes pushing comfortable. Maximum seat weight is set at 50 pounds. Despite the overall quality, the front wheel design has flaws. A number of users note that the axle snaps while its durability is also suspect.


  • Max seat weight of 50 pounds
  • Weighs 27 pounds
  • Ratcheting canopy
  • Trigger release fold
  • Air-filled tires
  • Front wheel swivel lock
  • Rubber handle
  • 5-point harness
  • Footrest reflectors
  • Steel frame
  • Child, parent tray
  • JPMA certified
  • Accepts Baby Trend infant car seats
  • 47” x 21” x 41” in size


  • Smooth rolling tires
  • Converts from jogger to a standard stroller
  • Comfortable padding on seats
  • Non-slip handles even on hot weather
  • All-terrain capabilities
  • Convenient accessories
  • Effortless folding
  • Rugged, durable steel frame
  • Easy to use and push


  • Front wheel can fall off
  • Tends to break down often after a year

3. Delta Children City Street Side by Side Stroller


Costing less than $60, the Delta Children City street is a double stroller worth giving a second thought. More so if you are looking for a short-term stroller as you sort out your finances. For a side-by-side stroller, it maneuvers pretty well through doors less than 33” wide. The umbrella stroller design makes it lightweight, fold easy and occupy a small space.

This stroller is fitted with a parent cup holder that can be attached on either the right or left side of the handlebar for easy reach. Front wheels pivot through 360 degrees for increased maneuverability. A 3-point harness restricts on each seat restricts usage to slightly older children babies. 2 handing storage bags hold the items you would need when away.

In as much as the stroller is designed for twins, its structural integrity allows it to hold two babies who are almost age mates. Maneuverability maybe poor in this case due to the uneven weight distribution, but it gets the job done on smooth pavements. Ensure each of the babies do not exceed the maximum recommended weight of 35 pounds for every seat.

Weighing just about 20 pounds, this stroller is easy to carry up and down a fleet of stairs and to the car when travelling. This stroller attracts a lot of positive reviews from parents for its lightweight, simple fold and ease of mobility features. However, it is not meant for everyday use as it would tear and wear down at a faster rate than usual.


  • Weighs 20 pounds
  • Measures 30” x 33” x 36.5” (LWH)
  • Canopy
  • 2-forward facing seats
  • Plastic wheels
  • Less than 36 months age range
  • 35 pounds limit
  • Parent cup holder
  • 2 hanging storage bags
  • 3600 pivot front wheels
  • JPMA, ASTM, and CPSC standard compliance


  • Compliant to safety standards
  • Great mobility
  • Compact fold
  • Comfortable handlebar height for short parents
  • Fits through standard doors
  • Easy to fold
  • Durable
  • Holds uneven weight
  • Handles well on uneven terrains


  • Not comfortable for parents over 5’ 7”
  • Only designed for occasional use
  • Tires can be flimsy at times

4. Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double


Getting a cheap sit and stand road stroller that also doubles up as a double stroller is not an easy task. This Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double goes for approximately $123. It may be slightly over the $100 mark, but the features are worth it. What’s more, you can get a second hand one for approximately $83 with the exact features, albeit with the used tag on it.

For the price, you get a fully functional stroller with plenty of sitting arrangements. First, it can hold 2 infant car seats with the rear one being able to face backwards. Secondly, one baby can sit on the stroller seat, while the other stands on the platform. Thirdly, both babies can be seated with the option of adding a second stroller seat at the back.

Both infant car seats, stroller seats, and the sitting bench have safety harnesses to give you peace of mind during rides. To convert the stroller from a double tandem to a sit and stand stroller, remove the rear seat. The stroller folds fast and easy with one hand. A parent tray is provided at the back alongside a pivoting child tray.

Front wheel suspension makes rides on rough terrains a smooth affair. Parking brakes prevent accidental stroller get-away. The travel system and standing platform accept weights of up to 40 pounds. With this stroller, you need to be wary of some of the infant car seats that fit but do not click in place. The Chicco is an example. It may expose your baby to injury risks.


  • Weighs 32.5 pounds
  • Accepts 2 infant car seats
  • Max weight limit of 40 pounds on seats and platform
  • Steel frame
  • 1-hand fold
  • Measures 49” x 21.5” x 43” (LWH)
  • Min weight of 5 pounds
  • 2 canopies, rear removable
  • Child and parent trays
  • Front wheel suspension


  • Plenty of sitting arrangements
  • Removable child tray eases child loading
  • Folding and unfolding are a breeze
  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • Rides smooth
  • Stands upright after folding
  • Not much assembly needed
  • Stadium sitting arrangement maximizes on visibility
  • Great for children slightly apart in ages


  • Takes up considerable trunk space
  • Wheels look cheaply made
  • Some car seat models do not click in place

5. Delta Children City Street LX Side by Side Stroller


The Delta Children city stroller is a double side by side umbrella stroller. It is priced at approximately $84 which sounds like a good deal to me if you consider the features it has. It would be a great buy if you are expecting twins but cannot afford to go big on a more luxurious double stroller. The stroller easily accommodates children weighing up to 35 pounds.

European styled canopies on both seats shield the babies from weather elements such as wind, direct sunlight, and rain. The stroller measures 31.2” x 29.6” x 37.3” (LWH). It has a great sizing allowing it to pass through any standard 30” wide door. The umbrella styling makes the stroller easy to fold, and the resulting fold compact is ideal for storage and transportation.

Surprisingly, the stroller weighs a mere 18.3 pounds which is impressive for a double stroller. This weight is great for parents who travel a lot. Front wheels turn through 3600 allowing you to make sharp turns on crowded walk paths. It has 2 storage bags and a cup holder to attach on either side of the handle.

As you might have realized, the total height of the stroller is 37.3”. This height may make it uncomfortable to push for tall parents since it is slightly low. The small size of the canopy would necessitate that you buy an extra attachable shade to cater for its inefficiencies. Overall, it functions great although you have to take extra care to maneuver it through doors.


  • Recommended for babies up to 35 pounds
  • 2 storage bags
  • Umbrella Fold
  • 2, European style canopies
  • Shock absorbing front wheels
  • Dimensions: 31.2” x 29.6” x 37.3” (LWH)
  • Swivel front wheels
  • Weighs 21.4 pounds
  • 5-point harness, padded shoulder straps
  • Multi-position recline seat
  • Multiple colored options
  • Standard door fit through
  • Safety standards conformation
  • Min weight of 5 pounds


  • Can be brought along for a flight
  • Easy to push
  • Even weight distribution
  • Plenty of storage nests
  • Lightweight for a double stroller
  • Simplistic design
  • Can be rolled on the wheels after folding instead of carrying
  • Needs only fitting of wheels and snapping the cup holder in place


  • Not for tall parents
  • Difficult to maneuver when different aged toddlers are on board
  • Wheels wobble at full load

6. Summer Infant 3Dflip Convenience Stroller


The Summer Infant 3Dflip combines affordability and impressive features. Buying it requires you to part with approximately $130. It features a unique stroller seat that you can reverse to face you. At this position, you and your baby can interact as you stroll together. When you two have had enough fun, you can change the seat to face forward for interaction with the world.

The frame of the stroller is made from aluminum. It is a material that considerably lowers the weight while maintaining the structural integrity of the stroller. Despite weighing 24.8 pounds, it can carry a child of 50 pounds. An included cup holder can be placed near the baby or the handlebar. 2 side storage pockets offer convenience.

Another great feature is the reclining seat. It can recline into 6 different positions: 3 forward facing, and another 3 rear-facing positions. Adjustments in the positions are doable with one hand by squeezing the handle located on top of the seat. Alternating between positions allows the baby to either nap or watch his/her surroundings.

Folding the stroller is done is 3 steps. It is a deviation from the usual easy 1-step, 1-hand folding mechanism. This could take some time to get over, but the resulting fold is compact and is car trunk friendly. The stroller is close to the ground making taller children uncomfortable when they reach over 2 years.


  • Weighs 24.8 pounds
  • Measures 31” x 25.5” x 39.5”
  • Max weight 50 pounds
  • Min weight 5 pounds
  • Aluminum frame
  • Extendable, adjustable canopy
  • 3-step fold
  • Reversible seat
  • 6-position recline seat
  • Peekaboo window
  • Cup holder, storage basket, side storage pockets


  • Lightweight frame
  • Reversible seat
  • The high number of recline positions
  • Roomy sitting area
  • Stylish design
  • Great for interacting with the baby
  • The canopy can be adjusted upwards for tall children
  • Auto locks after folding
  • Great for travelling
  • Rides smoothly on multiple terrains


  • Close to the ground for tall toddlers
  • Slightly on the expensive end
  • The seat is thin and less supportive

7. Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller


The Baby Trend Tandem is available in two styles. There is the Elixer and the Phantom. Of the two, it is the Phantom that is cheaper and goes for approximately $98. It features a metallic frame and a fabric body made from nylon. This tandem stroller accommodates a maximum of 2 children, one seated while the other one standing. It can also have 2 infant seats on board.

This stroller is engineered such that as the younger baby sits in front, the elder (grown up) toddler either chooses to be seated on the rear bench or stand on the platform. The two car seats that it accepts are sold separately. These can be from Baby Trend or some other select brands provided on their website.

Provided your children do not weigh more than 50 pounds each, you can comfortably use this stroller. Each of the children has their cup holders for a harmonious ride. A convenient foot-activated braking system creates a hands-free stroller operation. As the parent, you also get a parent tray with two cup holders and a covered storage compartment.

A fast single hand operation is another great feature. The folding release handle is located at the centre of the handlebar. A 5-point restraint is fitted onto the stroller seat and another 3-point harness on the sitting bench. There is only a select number of car seat that fits onto this stroller. Chicco car seats sit loosely and don’t lock in place.


  • Weighs 25 pounds
  • Dimensions: 49” x 21.5” x 43”
  • Max weight: 50 pounds per child
  • Min weight: 5 pounds
  • Car seat compatibility
  • 4 cup holders
  • Compact fold
  • Foot-activated brake
  • Rear-facing capable front seat
  • Multiple sitting configurations
  • Front swivel wheels
  • 5 and 3-point safety harness


  • Rear-facing front seat allows for baby and sibling to interact
  • Plenty of seating configurations
  • Individual cup holders maintain stroller harmony
  • Easy to operate brakes
  • Easy folding
  • Simple to clean with mild detergents
  • Padded back seat
  • Sturdy handlebars: you can hang a couple of shipping bags


  • Accessing the storage basket is a challenge with both kids on board
  • Individual rear wheels locking
  • The rear sitting child has an obstructed view

8. Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller


Here is another classy looking jogger stroller for an absolute bargain. The Graco Fastaction jogger stroller is sold at approximately $99.00. This jogger can be used with all the Graco Click Connect infant car seats. These seats securely connect into place in a single one-step attachment. Your options are limited to Graco Infant car seats.

One hand folding mechanism is easy to master and frees up your other hand to perform other tasks. After folding and clicking into place, the automatic latches lock the stroller in place. In fact, the stroller freely stands by itself after folding. The resulting fold print does not occupy much space, easily fitting on tight spots and car trunks.

The stroller spots one of the characteristic features of jogger strollers. It has three air-filled tires, similar to the ones on a bicycle. Coupled with rubber, air filling gives the tires a cushiony property that rides more comfortable than plastic wheels. Rubber also has better traction on slippery off-road terrains.

Children of up to 50 pounds are kept secure with the 5-point safety harness. Plush padding on the seats makes rides cozy, especially on long jogging rides. Front wheels’ swivel lock transitions the stroller from ordinary use to the jogger.


  • Weighs 35 pounds
  • Dimensions: 40” x 24” x 42”
  • Max weight: 50 pounds
  • Min weight: 5 pounds
  • Pneumatic Tires
  • Front wheel swivel, lock, suspension
  • 3 or 5-point
  • Parent tray, 2 cup holders, smartphone/mp3 player holder
  • Pivoting child tray
  • 1-hand, self-standing fold
  • Low light reflector


  • Infant seat clicks into place without any attachments
  • All-terrain stroller
  • Removable tray makes it easy to lift the child in and out of the seat
  • Stylish finish
  • Easy to fold in a simple step
  • Little assembly required
  • Improved visibility in low light conditions
  • Heavy duty construction
  • You don’t have to lean it against anything as it self-stands
  • Comfortable to push


  • Smartphone compartment useless for most phones
  • Requires you to take off wheels when loading onto a car
  • Short parents find the handlebar high

9. Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller


For approximately $69, you can own the Kolcraft Cloud Plus lightweight stroller. Weighing just about 11.8 pounds, this stroller is an ideal addition for parents who travel a lot. It cuts on total luggage weight. As a single stroller, it is capable of holding a child weighing a maximum of 50 pounds. Its nimble structure means you can easily maneuver your way through tight spaces.

The Cloud Plus is folded using one hand, standing on its own afterwards. On its canopy is a peekaboo window that can be expanded and then tucked away when necessary. When it gets hot, slide open the window to promote cool air circulation. The stroller seat reclines for a customized child comfort either in a laid back or upright position.

A parent tray with 2 cup holders and a smartphone storage spots add to the convenience it gives parents. Both rear wheels have an individual braking system. This system is not a favorite among parents since you have to press on each of the parking brakes. Most parents prefer the double action brakes which you only press once and it locks both wheels in place.

In addition to the 5-point safety harness, you also get standard storage spaces. The cargo basket under the seat carries just about all the supplies you may need. The handle cannot be adjusted, but 6’2” parents can push on it with ease. Taller parents may have to lean to push on it, making them uncomfortable. This stroller is not meant for babies below six months.


  • Weighs 11.8 pounds
  • Dimensions: 31.25” x 18” x 39” (LWH)
  • Folded: 18” x 12” x 34” (LWH)
  • Max weight: 50 pounds
  • Min weight: over 6 months old
  • Peekaboo window
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Parent tray, 2 drink holder, smartphone storage area
  • Front wheels suspension
  • Auto-fold lock
  • Multi-position seat recline
  • Expandable canopy visor


  • Canopy expands to maximize coverage
  • Large weight capacity
  • Compact fold
  • Lightweight
  • Looks cool
  • Accessible storage basket
  • JPMA certified
  • Suspension makes rides smooth
  • Great for travelling and trips
  • Easy to handle
  • Large shade
  • Deep recline


  • Lacks sufficient support for newborns
  • Assembling it might be hectic
  • Not a true 1-hand fold

10. Baby Trend Xcel Jogger Stroller


The Baby Trend Xcel is a jogging stroller that you can conveniently use for everyday purposes. With this level of versatility, the approximately $92 price tag looks like a real bargain for you. Its three large sized bicycle-like tires glide effortlessly on various types of surfaces, including off-road. If you are a parent who loves to jog, then this stroller allows you to bring your kid along for company.

All Baby Trend infant car seats can be fitted onto this stroller for slightly younger babies. While at it, I wouldn’t recommend that you go jogging with a baby who is less than 6 months old. The reclining, padded seats add to the comfort levels. A 5-point safety harness keeps an active baby well within the bounds of their seats for safety.

For regular use, let the front wheel freely swivel. But when you go jogging, lock it in place for better directionality of the stroller. Recommended maximum permissible baby weight is 50 pounds. An ergonomically designed handle is soft and has a cushioning feel to it when pushing. You can push the stroller for extended periods without feeling fatigued.

Reflectors placed on the footrest illuminates the stroller in low-light conditions. In this way, accidental collisions with others are alleviated. For a jogging stroller, the heavy duty steel frame makes it more rugged but then results in a heavier stroller than aluminum. It is also slightly bulky, more so if you want a stroller to transport regularly.


  • Weighs 28.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 47” x 21” x 41” (LWH)
  • Min weight: 5 pounds
  • Max weight: 50 pounds
  • 3 Pneumatic Tires
  • Front wheel swivel lock
  • Converts to a travel system
  • Parent tray, 2 cup holders, storage compartment
  • Child tray, 1 cup holder
  • Trigger release fold
  • Rubber handle
  • Footrest reflectors
  • Reclining seat
  • 5-point harness


  • Aesthetic tiger lily appearance
  • Adequate leg room
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Tires stay inflated for long
  • Adjustable ratcheting canopy
  • Glowing reflectors
  • One hand steering
  • Great shade
  • Sturdy handlebar
  • Smooth ride on rough roads


  • It’s hard to find a pump if a tire flattens
  • Folding it is not easy, neither is it one hand
  • Bulky and heavy


With so much talk about how expensive strollers are, did you think you never stood a chance of finding a budget-friendly one? Well, with these top 10 cheap strollers, now you have options from which to make a conscious financial decision.

All 10 (in no apparent order) function extremely well, although they may have minor inferiorities. However, most of them compare relatively well with the expensive and more luxurious options available.

The key is always to consider your budget, how you plan to use the stroller and the features you desire. This simple criterion should be able to eliminate most of the strollers you don’t need.

Among the top 10 cheap strollers, our top pick would be the Summer Infant 3Dflip Convenience Stroller. It may be a little expensive, but it has probably all the features of a high-end stroller model.

It is popular and has a unique seat design that you can reverse such that the baby can either be forward or rear facing. This feature misses in most of the other options. Also, the durable aluminum frame makes it lightweight, yet sturdy. The seat can as well be reclined to 6 different positions, alongside an infant head support provision. An oversized canopy plays a role too in my choice.

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