A Deeper Look Into Some Of The Best Stroller Halloween Costumes

Nothing quite brings out family creativity than when it comes to designing family Halloween costumes. Combining cheesy, extravagance, and cuteness into the costumes provides one of the most spectacular decorative sights.

It seems there is no end to what parents can pull off. I once gasped at the cuteness of a family which dressed its three boys as Hulk, Thor, and Captain America. You wouldn’t believe how cute a one-year-old is when dressed up as Hulk.

A Deeper Look Into Some Of The Best Stroller Halloween Costumes

​​Another trick from the family Halloween costumes book of creativity is to dress up the stroller in Halloween costumes. Wow, how much of a genius can that be? In as much as the idea seems spooky, it is actually a brilliant one. After all, the stroller is the only family member who would not feel the urge to go potty immediately after being dressed up in the costumes.

If you have been mauling over the idea of being crafty with the stroller, I have collected some of the most fascinating stroller Halloween costumes ideas. These homemade ideas from crafty mums and dads should get you in the Halloween mood right away.  

Stroller Halloween Costumes Ideas

1. Buzz Lightyear

Shaped in the form of a spaceship, this stroller costume will definitely get heads rolling. Plus, which young buddy wouldn’t love the idea of cruising around the whole night in a cruise ship? This costume is perfection personified from its design.

There is track lighting around the wings of the cruise ship. Then there is the spectacular dashboard alongside little green men lining on the stroller handle. This costume is splendid, to say the least.

2. Taco in a Taco Truck Costume

Do you want to spur your creativity skills a notch higher? Well, here is a brilliant idea to get you going. The good thing about this idea is that it is even accompanied by instructions on how to put everything up and running.

With these, you can make the Taco truck Halloween costume, complete with its cover. If you are wondering whether the baby will fit in, then worry not. The whole costume is large enough for the baby to fit in, cruise around in it, and still have the cover on.

3. Safari Stroll

From the first look, you may think this stroller is a tall order to make. However, when you get it going then you will realize how simple it is to create. I love the little giraffe decorations that give this stroller Halloween costume its distinctive look.

The adorable giraffe onesie complements the whole safari stroll look of the costume. To give the stroller a jungle-like look, leaves are added with poise over and below the stroller frames. Oh, and there are giraffe shoes to complete the whole wild costume theme.

4. Cabbage Patch Critter

Are you an 80’s baby? Do you have a baby? To reflect on the good times of the 1980’s, the cabbage patch carrier is an idea worth every time you spend crafting it up. First, the sheer guts of turning a stroller into a cabbage patch box are in itself genius.

Secondly, have you seen the wig? It is one hilarious addition to the whole spooky costume feel. Even the picture itself looks humorous in every bit. I think the parent who drafted this idea deserves a medal for creativity.

5. Presidential Stroller Costume

For an election year, this Halloween costume couldn’t have come at a better time. The concept is a simple one just as it is complicated. You have the dark navy/black clothing with printed “white house” and an accompanying “presidential seal” signs on the stroller.

The podium is created from a sturdy cardboard piece which is zip-tied onto the stroller. For more sophistication, add a microphone base using an unused sprayer wand. A painted curler then acts as the microphone. Have I mentioned that you can add flags to make the president look fancy? Here is a detailed illustration on how to build this costume.

6. Homemade R2D2 Stroller Costume

Is there a family without a Star War Fanatic? It is like in almost every household you must spot a Star War themed Halloween costume. Last year, I visited a family that had incorporated the theme in all of their costumes, from mama, dad, two sons, and two daughters.

When you have a toddler who is too old to be carried around but too young to walk during the Halloween parade, then this stroller costume is an ideal option. This project takes a while as you have to collect old boxes and raid your neighbor’s trash for construction goodies.

Working the angles and cutting out the eyes are probably the most difficult part. After that, the rest of the work should be pretty straightforward. You need a cardboard, packing plastic, white paint, blue masking tape, heating tape (aluminum), and a hot glue gun. Check out how to go about it here.

7. Pirate of the Caribbean Stroller Costume

The good thing about the baby’s mode of transport is that you can be creative in any way your guts lets you. If you are a fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie's sequel and you already bought a pirate’s costume, then this stroller idea would greatly complement the cute looks.

Simple tools and construction materials are required to make this Halloween costume. Packing tape, a pair of scissors, scotch tape, stapler, old box, spray paint (black), and trash bag (bag) are some of the things you need.

For the step by step construction process of this costume, you can kindly check out these guidelines provided by Coolest Homemade Costumes.

8. Arcade Game Halloween Stroller Costume

Also provided by Coolest Homemade Costumes, this costume frees you from having to carry your baby throughout the Halloween night. Subsequently, it also gives your baby an opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

The inspiration for this idea is from a game. Rather than handing your baby a toy whenever she wants one while seated on your lap, you can let her have a toy of her preference by herself. So mama is freed up, while the kid develops her sense of coordination by reaching for toys.

I must admit, the final piece looks a bit far-fetched to say the least. And the idea will take you a couple of dedicated nights to finish up. Here is how to go about the construction.

9. God Bless the Queen Costume

If you stay in West Hollywood, then you know how big of a hit Queen Elizabeth costumes are in those sides of town. Most of them can be found in thrift stores. The dress, the medals, Prince George dolls can all be found in shops, which you then have to put together.

When you are done with modifying the stroller for this Halloween night, you can be sure your baby will surely ride in royalty colors. To top it off, you can find crown online if it isn’t available at your local store. The construction process is also a straightforward one.

10. Coffin Stroller Costume

I told you when it comes to Halloween costumes, “ridiculous” is the term used to describe some of the costumes you see out there. Take this coffin costume for example. It seems genius, but somehow a scary prospect for a baby costume.

If you are looking to take your creativity a notch higher, especially for parents who love vampire films, then try this out. The top part of the coffin lookalike is made from trifold foam board. It holds up nicely during the process. Be careful with the trimming and cutting so that it doesn’t slip off the stroller.

Afterward, use a satin cloth to cover the stroller, remembering to cut holes for the safety harness. Then spray the “coffin” box dark brown for a woody appearance. Let everything settle in, then freak out everyone on Halloween night.

11. Mahna Mahna Costume

For some reason, some kids have a real obsession for the Mahna Mahna song. When my daughter is upset, I usually play her this song, and she lights up in the process. Therefore, to get your Mahna Mahna obsessed little fella in the spirit of Halloween, this costume would be welcome.

The items you will need for this work include a glue gun, hot pink boa, paper towel rolls (2), google eyes, construction paper (for the puppets), and Popsicle sticks. For the shirt, fuzzy yarn and green t-shirt are all you need.

To get the best out of the costume, work with your kid to fine-tune the details. Some babies hate it if the hair covers much of their face. Make it a project for two as she/he gives you ideas on where to adjust. Trust me; the end result will be an unforgettable outing for you two.

12. Toy Story Jessie Doll Stroller Costume

The beauty about stroller Halloween costumes is that they don’t have to cost you much to get done. Most of the times, they are homemade ideas from basic items you already have at home. I bet you already have a member of the family going out as one of the characters from Toy Story, probably Woody.

That box in which the woody costumes comes in from Disney is the perfect item to customize your baby’s stroller. First, you will have to cut holes in the box so that it fits onto the stroller. I find umbrella strollers particularly easy to fit the box onto.

Secondly, line the inside of the box with a flat bed sheet. Use a hot glue gun to stick the sheet in place, allowing for enough slackness in the fabric so that it doesn’t come off with ease. Give provisions for the safety harness.

Print out various pictures or signs that you then glue to the box. If you have a Cricut machine, then the letterings can be made out.

13. Waste Management Stroller Costume

Parents with a sit and stand stroller can turn it into a really cool Halloween costume. What’s more, the costume you make instills a fundamental skill of proper waste management at a young age in your babies.

If you notice your kid developing a thing for garbage trucks, then make his/her Halloween with this waste management truck concept. Having your son wear cargo pants, work gloves, and have a garbage bag is a good way to start.

This idea becomes cooler if you have the sit and stand stroller I had mentioned as it allows the younger sibling to be the “garbage.” How cool can that be, Huh? In this way, the older sibling rides the “truck” while the sister stays in the car seat. Check out the whole concept here.

14. Pirate Ship Stroller Halloween Costume

Getting into character is what Halloween costumes are all about. This stroller costume brings to reality every toddler’s dream of being a pirate at some point. How does the idea of turning your jogging stroller into a pirate ship sound? It sounds workable, right?

The body of the ship can be made from the box the infant car seat came in. That is if you don’t mind using it for something more fun than just sitting around idle. Also, you can put the vinyl paper on the cardboard to give it the look of real wood.

Then seal the edges with gold duct tape for a neater appearance. Stick white paper to create the windows (or anything that resembles a window). The Pirate ship is easy to make a costume that looks brilliant once completed.

15. Alien Stroller Costume

Dress up as an alien? This is definitely in my top to do list. The part of this project that I love is the ability to convert this costume into various shapes over the years. You can start with a mystery machine costume, then upgrade to an alien in a Buzz Lightyear.

The latter option is a little hard to get right due to the rounded edges. Anyway, you should be just fine in putting it up. All you need for the mystery machine are boxes for the exterior. I leave it to you to decide on what alien costume you want to dress your baby in.


When it comes to stroller Halloween costumes, you can never go wrong. The more ridiculous and extraordinary the idea is, the better the costumes you and your little buddies will get. Part of the success of any costume is to work with your baby for a seamless costume.

The seal of approval you get afterward, and the nods you get from onlookers will be worth every time spent making the project a reality.

  • October 24, 2018
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