The Best Baby’s First Christmas Gift Ideas in 2018

When the month of December approaches, there is always one single day that is most valued all over the world. If you guessed right, you already know that I am talking about the Christmas Holiday which is normally celebrated on the 25th of December every year. It can be considered as the climax of the December holidays.

Now come to think of it, you have a baby who was born after the previous year’s Christmas day and he is yet to celebrate the first Christmas day ever. How would you go about it? How would you make sure that it is a special day for the baby? Perhaps you have thought about getting him an ornament, a photo and even a special outfit. How about a Christmas gift?

If the thought of a Christmas gift crossed your mind then you are at the right place to get what you want. We have carried out our research so that we could get perfect Christmas gifts for your baby this year. Each single Christmas gift that has been featured here has the capability of topping off this special milestone in your baby’s life and making it indeed memorable.

Having been arranged in no particular order, here are 20 of the best Christmas gift ideas for your baby. The selection has been based on the available features of the gifts, the customer reviews as well as the general ratings.

The Best Baby’s First Christmas Gift Ideas in 2018

1. Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother

Do you want your baby to celebrate this Christmas holiday in style? Why don’t you get her this baby Einstein Soother that will contribute so much in making her grow into a fully developed child? This soother has been made using soft blocks that the baby’s little hands stack, squeeze, tumble and toss.

Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother

Via: Amazon

Apart from that, this soother has over 25 classical music tunes and soft lights that will soother her to sleep easily. What’s more, it has four soothing modes which include ocean sounds only, melodies only, ocean lights-sound motion and lights-melodies-motion. All these modes will soothe your baby to fall asleep during and after the Christmas holiday.

Key Features
  • Fits in all cribs
  • Four soothing modes
  • Drift off feature which turns the light on in intervals of 10 minutes and softens the music

2. Plush security blanket

During this Christmas holiday, every baby needs a special friend that she can cuddle with at night. When you acquire this velvety soft and secure blanket, expect your baby who may have nuzzles and snuggles to get calm and enjoy her sleep at night. What’s more, this soother normally comes already accompanied by an animal who has been attached securely too while also ready to snooze your baby’s night away.

Jellycat Bashful Lamb Soother Security Blanket

Via: Amazon

Acquire this gift for your special young one and let her feel a special taste of what Christmas is normally about. Even though she may not understand what is going on at the moment, it just feels special to let her get such a great Christmas gift.

Key Features
  • Made using 100%polyester
  • Suitable for babies from birth
  • Measures 18 by 13 inches in size

3. Rotating Music Box

Now that your baby has started to discover his hands and feet and is also learning how to roll over and perhaps even how to sit up, you will be needed to encourage such babies with cool and awesome Christmas gifts in terms of toys. The toys you get them at this age should be able to allow them to engage every new milestone they pass in life.

Hape Rotating Baby Music Box, Spin & Play The Music, Battery Not Needed

Via: Amazon

This Music box normally plays some musical notes as it rolls hence encouraging the baby to roll, push and somehow crawl while trying to get it. It is suitable for any babies who are between 3 to 6 months of age. This is a great gift that will help your baby enjoy using her developing body parts and know how to use them appropriately.

Get her such a gift this Christmas and make her feel like that special member of your family.

Key Features
  • Ideal for new-born going up
  • Includes musical symbols
  • Encourages young people to explore music
  • Elegant and durable

4. Grape Baby Beads

Can you imagine how cute your little one will look when he sits among a collection of his baby Christmas gifts while trying to nibble on this cluster of wooden beads which have been strung together on a cord which is elastic? He can turn and twist the pieces into various configurations. These configurations will be ideal for the development of the baby’s fine motor skills.

Manhattan Toy Farmer's Market Grape Beads Baby Motor Skill Toy

Via: Amazon

What’s more, each of the grapes is approximately 1.5 inches in diameter which is a perfect size for new-borns to grab. As long as your baby is over 3 months of age, this will be an ideal gift for her from you as the loving parent.

  • Brightly colored
  • Suitable for 3+ month old babies
  • Baby beads stung together using elastic material

5. Pay Mat

The two things that babies do well in is sleeping and playing. Why don’t you then encourage your baby to keep playing as much as she can during this Christmas season? How best can you do this other than by buying her this special play mat? This gift can also be considered as the baby’s activity gym as it features at least 20 developmental activities.

Yookidoo Baby Gym and Play Mat - Activity Musical Playland with 6 Accessories for Infants and Toddlers (0m+)

Via: Amazon

These include the Magic Motion Track that is capable of attaching to either the mat (perfect for tummy time or when the baby is ready to sit on his own) or the padded arches located overhead( ideal when the baby lies on his back). If your baby is between 0 to 12 months of age then this gift will be ideal for him.

Key Features
  • Dual Music Modes
  • Easily configured for various stages
  • Easy to attach
  • Flower faced rattle included

6. Press N’ Go Monster Truck

Is your baby showing some interests of being a car enthusiast as early as now? If yes then why don’t you consider getting him this awesome gift at such an early age?  The baby will be thrilled when this toy takes off whenever he presses down on the toy’s head.

Fisher-Price Press 'n Go Monster Truck

Via: Amazon

You might be surprised when your baby who is reluctant to stroll suddenly decides to shoot across the floor as he tries to catch up with this truck. When your baby soon discovers that his actions can make things happen by playing with this stroller, he will be learning so much about life quite early.

What’s more, when the baby scrolls, he can boost his gross motor skills in the process.

Key Features
  • Soft rubber teeth
  • Horns
  • Wheels move by the press of a button
  • Dashes around the house

7. Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

Here is yet another awesome baby gift for your adorable kid during this Christmas holiday. It is a musical toy that is fun to play with and will teach your kids about several things. These include sounds, music, colors among others. It features sides that are capable of lighting up to the beat of the music being played hence making it a perfect play tool for babies.

Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

Via: Amazon

It comes with eight Mozart compositions and an orchestra button which plays all the instruments. When it comes to the musical part, it includes French horn, a harp, violin, piano and flute instrument sounds. What’s more, it also comes in bright colors such as magenta, green, purple and yellow which will all attract your baby’s attention.

Key Features
  • Comes in several colors
  • Lights up to the music tempo
  • Recommended for kids of all ages
  • Educational toy

8. Infantino Grow with me Activity Gym & Ball Pit

Shine some light into your baby’s life this Christmas by buying her this gorgeous Christmas gift. This awesome activity gym comes in the form of a turtle in its design and will keep changing with your baby as she keeps growing bigger and bigger.

Infantino 3-in-1 Grow with me Activity Gym and Ball Pit

Via: Amazon

While it starts as a basic play mat, it also features special removable netting that will transform it into a ball pit in just a matter of minutes. It also has a BPA free teether and over 40 colorful balls stored inside the turtle’s head. This is not only one of the best play toys for your kids but is also one of the safest ones.

Key Features
  • 40 colorful balls
  • Bigger play surface areas
  • Netting for safety
  • A 2 in 1 toy product

9. Playskool Play All Day Elmo

Because babies love watching Elmo playing with his friends, here is an opportunity for the kids to play alongside Elmo. With over 150 responses, this interactive and cuddly Elmo keeps kids engaged as it also has about 8 more activities and games tailored to achieve that.

Playskool Play All Day Elmo

Via: Amazon

When your baby has played for long and is now tired, she can simply cuddle with him while at the same time listening to a special lullaby. This one will be an awesome one for your baby during this Christmas holiday.

Key Features
  • Batteries included
  • Teaches cause and effect
  • 2 modes of play
  • Over 150 responses

10. Hedgehog Accordion Toy

Are you interested in pleasing your little one this Christmas season? Why don’t you get her this hedgehog accordion Toy and transform her life for good? This is basically a woodland critter that is very easy to pull, push and make some music even for younger babies which small hands.

There are even movable beads already attached for the sole purpose of working and sharpening your baby’s fine motor skills.  If your baby is more than 6 months old then this toy is ideal for her.

Skip Hop Baby Explore and More Musical Instrument Accordion Toy, Multi, Hedgehog

Via: Amazon

What’s more, to aid in proper development of your baby’s teeth, it has rubberized details that are specifically meant for teething. The vibrant colors that it has also make it attractive to the baby.

Key Features
  • Easy to grab handles
  • Sliding beads
  • Multiple colors

Wrapping Up

As parents, we need to make our kids feel special even if they still too young to even know about it. There is no better way to treat your baby this holiday season if not by buying her the best baby Christmas gifts. Let your baby’s first Christmas gift idea be an awesome one. The ideas that we have discussed here will most likely work quite good for your baby.

  • December 24, 2018
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