Can I Bring The Stroller On The Plane? Let Us Find Out Together

Can I bring the stroller on the plane? This is a question that often disturbs new parents who would like to take a flight with their newborns. I have on more than one occasion heard moms question whether the airport security personnel would allow them to board with the baby strollers. How are you going to handle the baby on your destination without the stroller anyway?

Well, let’s see if it is possible to have the stroller along with you on the plane. If yes, what are some of the strollers that you can have with you? All these plus many more have been documented in this article. All you need to do is just read this article to the tail end. Is that really too much to ask from you? I don’t think so because you are about to gain a lot.

Am I Allowed To Travel With My Stroller On The Plane?

If we are allowed to carry baby diapers, toys and bottles among others to the plane, then why should there be any hindrance when it comes to transporting the little one’s best mode of transport?

At What Age Does A Stroller Become Unnecessary For A Child

This answers the above question; you, therefore, have no reason to be worried about having your baby stroller on the plane as it is allowed. Now that it is apparent that you can have the stroller on the plane, you need to know some of the rules and checks that you will have to go through before you are actually allowed to board with the equipment.

What You Need To Know Before Taking Your Stroller To The Plane

Children-related equipment is allowed on the plane but only if they meet Transport Security Administration guidelines. This means that a number of security checks will have to be done on the baby stroller before it is finally allowed into the plane.

What You Need To Know Before Taking Your Stroller To The Plane

There are also some airlines that have specific types of strollers that they allow in so you need to do a proper research about such before you make your way into the airport. But the small, lightweight and foldable baby strollers are the most ideal for air transport. You can fold such models altogether and have them packed in your bag and carry them on your back without having to worry about anything.

lightweight and foldable baby strollers are the most ideal for air transport

This is way convenient to you if at all you are traveling alone without somebody to help you around. Expect to have your stroller screened at the entrance point. The compact and folding models are easy to screen across the X-ray machines. This is only possible if it folds so well that it fits within the space on the conveyor belt.

The baby should never be placed in the stroller during the screening. You are aware of the dangers of the X-rays and it is something that you wouldn’t wish your child to get exposed to at this early stage of his life.

The baby should never be placed in the stroller during the screening

In case the stroller doesn’t fold up to fit through the conveyor belt to the X-ray machine, it will be inspected manually by the security guys. This does take a significant amount of time; meaning that you will have to wait a little longer which can be quite disadvantageous if you are in a hurry.

If the stroller passes through the screening stage without any issues coming up, the stroller will be cleared for transportation on the plane.

You also need to know that you are only allowed to carry along just one stroller with you to the plane. If you happen to have more than one baby, then it is better to consider having the double, triple or quad stroller with you.

Woman with a double stroller

Transporting the stroller isn’t charged. As long as you have paid your ticket fee, the stroller will be categorized as part of your luggage and delivered at the destination without any extra cost incurred.

Are There Alternatives To Bring The Stroller To Plane?

Yes, there are some alternatives you can explore if you suspect the issue of traveling with the stroller will cause you some inconvenience. One of these alternatives which I have used in the past is renting baby strollers. We rent beach umbrellas, hotel rooms, cars et cetera, why then can’t we rent strollers as well?

You can decide to leave behind the stroller altogether and rent one at your destination especially if you are going for a vacation with the baby. The business of renting strollers is now available in almost all cities at very reasonable prices. Isn’t this a good alternative that you can exploit?

There are companies that have taken this business a notch higher. You do an online booking then they deliver the stroller at your preferred location. This is even more convenient.

Wrapping Up

So, can I bring the stroller on the plane? Most airlines allow strollers onto their planes. There are some few, however, that still do not allow for transportation of these pieces of baby equipment. All you need to do before you carry your stroller to the airport is to carry out some research to ascertain whether it will be allowed in. You can even make calls to the same airline to be sure.

Above all, you must adhere to all the security processes before you are finally allowed to leave with your stroller. This calls for some little patience. The compact, lightweight and folding strollers are the perfect models for air transport.

Woman pushing a stroller at the airport

On the other hand, if you fail to have your stroller with you, you can consider renting one at your point of landing. This will require you to spend a little more but the convenience that it comes with is worth it.

Have you learned something new? Are your worries addressed? Do you have any comments to make? Feel free to share your airport experience with a stroller if you have ever been there before. Above all, I count on you to help make this piece viral by sharing so that a good number of parents can get enlightened about boarding a plane with a stroller.

  • July 10, 2018
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