Have A Look At Some Of The Most Expensive Strollers In The World

You treasure your baby so much that you would go to the ends of the world to buy him everything with a proceeding best adjective. But to what ends would you go, more so when you have no spending limits? Could you pay as much as a second-hand car for your baby’s stroller?

The most expensive strollers in the world give meaning to the old adage that you get what you pay for even if you blow the expenditure out of proportion. With their exorbitant prices, you get a stroller made from lush materials, designer prints, durable, flashier wheels and much more.

These strollers are perfect for celebrities with extravagant expenditures or fabulously rich parents out to gift their bundle of joy a stunning ride. If you are looking for the most luxurious strollers, then I have prepared a list outlining some of their key features, and why you might want to pay for their wildly expensive prices.

Some Of The Most Expensive Strollers In The World

1. Silver Cross Balmoral

Do you want to give your baby a royalty treat? Well, here is a limited edition stroller that is probably one of the most expensive in the world. It is also referred to as the Rolls Royce of strollers due to its historic nature and the association with the Royal British Family.

Silver Cross Balmoral

Via: silvercrossbaby.com

And because it has been around from back in 1877, it provides you with one of the most iconic stroller brands around. There are a number of variants to this pram with the bespoke edition having a starting price of £5,000.

However, that’s not all. There is a Rose Gold Balmoral Special Edition stroller that is rumored to cost a whopping £40,000! ($61,000) In fact, this pram was launched in September 2015 in Germany, further adding to its reputation for the extreme. The body has an 18-carat gold coating.

Note that it does not fold meaning that you will need plenty of storage to keep it. But if you can afford it, I don’t think storage will be an issue at all. You can buy a variant from the Silver Cross website for about £1,800. It is truly British craftsmanship and engineering at its best.

2. Silver Cross Aston Martin Surf 3

We go from the Rolls Royce of strollers to now the Aston Martin of strollers. This limited edition buggy from Silver Cross has only 600 strollers worldwide. It is made to be plushy as a result of the collaboration between high-end car manufacturer Aston Martin and Silver Cross.

Silver Cross Aston Martin Surf 3

Via: silvercrossbaby.com

For the price tag of about $3,000, you get a stroller worth every penny in terms of high-quality construction. It features an elegant pearlescent white chassis made from a magnesium alloy. The wheels are removable, resulting in a small fold.

2 sumptuous apron and hood packs are part of the package, including a lie-flat carrycot. The stroller seat has cream Alcantara lining with 3-recline positions. Its seat turns so that it is either forward or parent facing. For sheer comfort, the seat is pampered with 100% sheepskin.

Also included is a baby blanket made from 100% cashmere. I don’t think it could be any more luxurious than that. The same Alcantara cream used for the seat is used to make the harness pads. Both bumper bar and handlebar feature a very special tan leather finishing with Aston Martin and Silver Cross emblems.

3. Bugaboo 2015 Donkey Twin Stroller

Are you expecting twins and want the best double stroller money can buy you? The 2015 version of the Bugaboo Donkey Stroller is one that is definitely up there with the other most expensive strollers. Available in six different colors, it will cost you a cool ~ $1,809.05 to buy.

Bugaboo 2015 Donkey Twin Stroller

Via: Amazon

Perhaps you are wondering why it costs so much. For starters, you can convert it from the double stroller into a single stroller in 3 simple steps. Additionally, the stroller frame is engineered such that the initial bassinet it comes with converts to stroller seats.

4 sizeable wheels glide smoothly over rough terrains just as well as they do over the city streets. An adjustable safety harness on each seat acts as safety mechanisms. The stroller frame is made from lightweight aluminum, resulting in a total weight of 29.32 pounds.

To make the buggy easier to push, the handlebar is slightly tilted at an angle. Most of your pushing force is transferred down to the stroller than before. One thing is for sure, this stroller is expensive. But is it worth it to you? I leave that for you to decide.

4. Young Versace White Quilted Travel System

Costing about $5,000, the Young Versace White Quilted Travel System is another top of the range stroller to add to your must-haves. It is easy to fold, stands alone afterward, and can be customized to accommodate a baby from birth right through to 3 years of age.

Via: childrensalon.com

Through various settings on the stroller frame, the stroller seat can be made to either face you the parent or face backward. A lever is provided to permit the control of the air circulating inside the bassinet. It is one of the ways of increasing the coziness felt by newborns.

The safety harness is padded at the shoulder with lush, soft materials worthy of royalty. The package includes the stroller seat and frame, a bassinet, an infant car seat, and a high-quality storage bag for extra baby care essentials. Of course, there is a storage basket under the seat.

The quilted finish is one of the enduring features for those who want to spend more on this stroller. For the cold seasons, the included quilted footmuff warms up the baby. A rain cover is provided alongside a changing mat. I think these features would convince me to take the spending purge.

5. Stokke Trailz Stroller

For a stylish parent who loves drawing attention with a swanky stroller in the streets, you wouldn’t make a mistake with the Stokke Trailz Stroller. Designed to be both gorgeous and sleek, it is a stroller that takes it claim quite impressively among the most lavish strollers around.

Stokke Trailz Stroller

Via: stokke.com

It is a common purchase among celebrities and well-off parents with its four-figure price. If you want to stroll in the neighborhood with your baby just like Alesha Dixon or Tina Feys of this world, then it would be a great option.

The Trails is actually the most expensive of the Stokke line of strollers. A contemporary Scandinavian design complete with all-terrain capabilities is a plus for this stroller. You can start cheaply with the basic stroller frame and the infant seat unit, then upgrade later.  

To further customize the lavishness of this stroller to your specifications, you can add a winter kit, a sheepskin lining and a sleeping bag. These accessories shoot up the price by a couple of hundred dollars.

6. Silver Cross Kensington

Another option from the Silver Cross line of royalties, the Silver Cross Kensington costs you about £1,250 from the company’s website. It features a handmade stroller frame from Yorkshire, Britain. With such a price tag, expect to find the fanciest features on this stroller.

Silver Cross Kensington

Via: silvercrossbaby.com

Unlike the previous models that could not be folded, you can actually fold this model. The chrome-polished stroller chassis is detachable from the baby carriage when you need to reduce the size for either storage or transportation.

Still, you will need plenty of storage and car trunk space to do so. Pushing the stroller around is reminiscent of the days when white-wheeled carriages with Broderie Anglaise trimmed canopies were the in thing.

Most of the features on this product can be found on the previous model. Features such as lustrous linings and top class finishes are present, albeit without the extravagant gold plating.

7. Orbit Baby Limited Edition Porter Collection

Classy, expensive, and attractive all in one, this stroller is another you could easily go for. A modernized design compliments your sense of style, just as the soft on touch materials used for its construction. The fabrics are twill woven for the ultimate sophistication.

7.	Orbit Baby Limited Edition Porter Collection

Via: Amazon

A black finish helps you in concealing some of the messes from the baby as you wait to clean it. For its price, you get a total of six parts, which ultimately combine into one functional unit. There’s an infant car seat, its base, stroller seat, stroller frame, cargo basket, and a sun canopy.

These parts effectively convert the stroller into an expensive travel system. The sunshade is well-protective as the cargo basket allows you to bring along plenty of baby essentials. In order to add to the luxurious feel, it is given a tint of leather accent.

8. Bugaboo Retrospective Donkey Stroller

This high-end stroller is produced through the collaboration of the Dutch company, Bugaboo, and Warhol. Bugaboo makes the frame and accessories, while the fabrics and stroller parts are patterned with Warhol images.

Bugaboo Retrospective Donkey Stroller

Via: Amazon

If you are willing to fork out over $2,000 for a stroller, then here is an option for you. Other limited editions buggies are printed with Marilyn Monroe figures. This screen printing technique provides a 21st Century parent with the best stroller feel.

9. iCandy Peach London

The name itself may make you spend over $2,500 price tag on it without a single thought. In as much as it is beautiful, it is functional and efficient while at it in moving a single baby from point A to B.

Via: icandyworld.com

Counterfeit prevention is made possible through the issuance of an authentication certificate during the purchase. At such a price, you would want to reduce the chances of a knock-off as possible.

It features a cotton fabric, a numbered chassis, and the famous red London bus synonymous with Britain. Whether you fancy such features is a matter of preference.


The products listed above are some of the most expensive strollers in the world. If you have that extra cash to spend on any of these strollers, you would get durable, efficient, stylish, and highly effective baby gear.

They are an indication of a social class, and an unrivaled zeal to get your baby the absolute best care she/he deserves.  There are lots of others not on this list. Has one caught your attention? Well, go get it!

  • October 8, 2018
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