How To Calculate Calories Burned Running With A Jogging Stroller

These days, a stroller is becoming an increasingly indispensable accessory. A stroller is one of the most convenient ways of getting your baby around. With the inception of a jogging stroller, you two can spend some good time as you work out.

How To Calculate Calories Burned Running With A Jogging Stroller

Jogging with a stroller provides a tougher challenge than running without one. Perhaps that’s a good thing if you are looking for ways of burning extra calories while having a bonding session with your baby. The added weight of the baby requires more effort, meaning more sweat.

Therefore, getting to know how many calories you have burned so far is a pretty useful technique. It becomes useful for knowing whether the added resistance really pays off. There are several methods on how to calculate calories burned running with a jogging stroller. Stay with me and find out all of them.

How to Measure Calories Burned Pushing a Jogging Stroller

Studies conducted show that indeed jogging with a stroller adds more dynamic to your jogging routines. There are several methods at your disposal that you can use to figure out how much calories you use in the process. You can use these when jogging with or without a stroller and then check the differences in the calories burned.

1. Using Online Calories Calculator

One of the methods available today is online calorie calculators. Most of these are free, while there are some that you have to pay to have access to. All that you have to do is clicking a button and then enter your details. The system then auto-generates your calorie amount.

online calorie calculators

For the best results, there are well laid out steps which you can follow. Here is a brief description.

  • Search for An Online Calculator

During or after your jogging, do a quick online search of free calorie calculators. If you are looking to calculate your calories while jogging and pushing a stroller at the same time, look for a calculator with an option for pushing a stroller and also jogging. For a more effective search, it should also calculate calories as you jog by yourself.

Your search will yield numerous results, therefore, ensure your choice delivers reputable results. I have read a lot of reviews online on how the Calorie calculator is a decent option amongst users. You can check it out.

  • Calculate Calories Burned When Pushing a Stroller

To do this calculation, find the dialogue box and key in your details. These include your weight, how long you have jogged (in minutes), and approximately how fast you were jogging (speed). There should be an option for toggling between an imperial and metric measurement system. Choose one depending on which one you are most comfortable with.

Calculate Calories Burned When Pushing a Stroller

Some of the calculators require that you specify your age, gender, weight, and height as well. If you decide to use the calculator, you will have a choice between 5 miles per hour (for 12 minutes a mile) and 12 miles per hour (for 5 minutes a mile).

After you have entered all the required fields, click on the calculate button. The system then generates the total calories you would have supposedly burned while pushing the stroller.

  • Do the Calculation Without the Stroller

After finding the calories burned when pushing the stroller on its own, key in your details when jogging normally without a stroller. Always ensure the number of minutes used is the same as the previous ones for better accuracy of results.

Calories burned when pushing the stroller

Once done, click on the calculate button to generate your results, just as before.

  • Combine the Two Results

Here, add the two values for jogging without a stroller, and when pushing a stroller. The cumulative total gives you the figure of how much calories you burn when running with a jogging stroller. Of course, this figure will be different for various details entered.

As an example, I keyed in a weight of 150 pounds for a 6 mph, 15 minutes jog. The resultant calories burned was 171 calories. For the same amount of time, pushing a stroller consumed about 45 calories.

To find the total amount of calories burned while pushing a jogging stroller and jogging, I added the two figures for a total of 216 calories consumed in the process.

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The use of online calorie calculators only yields estimates of the total calories and not the actual figures. To increase your chances of accurate results as possible, try being accurate with the details you key in. Your weight and speeds need to be as accurate as possible.

the stroller dynamics do influence how much calories you burn

There are other factors that affect your jogging that are not factored into the calculations. For example, the terrain, temperatures or the stroller dynamics do influence how much calories you burn. However, these are not considered when using an online calculator.

Other factors such as air resistance as you jog, friction between the stroller wheels and the ground which varies are not factored in. High profile wheels and the number of wheels have a great deal of effect on how much calories one uses when pushing the stroller.

Ideally, the online calorie calculators assume that you would be pushing the stroller in a straight manner. However, this is not always the case. I have pushed a stroller and sometimes I lean on it, at times I push it an angle or giving it a slight lift. All these lead to energy losses which affect the total calories you burn.

2. Using Fitbit Calorie Tracker

Besides online calorie estimators, there are also devices that track and record your calories consumption in the course of activities. One of these wearable fitness tracker devices is those from Fitbit. You can use these to estimate how many calories you burn when running with a jogging stroller. All you do is wear the device on your wrist and you are good to go.

when running with a jogging stroller

But how do they work? Instead of relying on estimates as the online calculators, these devices use your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) to determine how many calories you burn. BMR refers to the rate at which your body burns calories to keep your vital body organs functioning.

Body functions such as heartbeats, brain activities, breathing among others are facilitated by BMR. A Fitbit calorie tracker uses this to account for the calories you use as you run with a jogging stroller. The data displayed is dependent on the physical data such as height, weight, sex, and age that you manually enter as you set up the device.

There are other devices that act as Heart Rate Monitors (HRM). These types measure your heartbeat rates as you jog, which it then translates to calories burned during that activity. High tech watches such as the Fitbit Surge, Microsoft band, PulseOn and Apple Watches use this technique.

With these, some manufacturers recommend that you have the wristwatch on higher up your arm. This change is to facilitate better reading of your heart rate as the blood flow is better up the arm.

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Just like in the previous case, using this method has its drawbacks. Some of these trackers are quite expensive. So, I wouldn’t think it would be a great idea to get one just to track your calories as you run with a jogging stroller. But if you already have one for your routine exercises, then you are good enough.

There are also experiments that show that these devices are not very accurate. The inaccuracies differ from device to device, but there is no surety that the results you get would be completely sure.

Any data you get are simply rough estimates as sometimes they make errors in reading your heartbeat. However, these calorie trackers tend to be more accurate than the online calorie calculator since they read BMR and HRM. These are actual data from you.


We hope you now have an idea of how to calculate calories burned running with a jogging stroller. Measuring the number of calories burned when running with a jogging stroller can be a fun way of knowing your fitness levels. However much the accuracies of the methods used are in question, they can still be good indicators of the benefit of adding an extra resistance to your training.

  • August 1, 2018
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