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Lord of the oecean
Eine versunkene Stadt. Schatztruhen. Meerjungfrauen. Und: Der Gott der Ozeane, Poseidon! Spiele jetzt einen der aufregendsten Spielautomaten. Expect beautifully animated gameplay and, with a little luck, thrilling Free Games that feature expanding symbols. Are you ready for a reel adventure? Lord of. The Lord of the Ocean trope as used in popular culture. For every thing, there is a god. There are gods of Love and War, Good and Evil, the Heavens where.

Blog Gewinne mit dem Slot Lord of the Ocean Lord of the Ocean ist ein beliebter Slot aus dem Hause Novomatic, einer der populärsten Hersteller dieser Automaten im deutschsprachigen Raum. Es ähnelt dem klassischen Slot Book of Ra, eine Maschine desselben Herstellers. Die Spielfunktion des Slots Lord of the Ocean ist also nicht neu, die Maschine zieht dennoch zahlreiche Kunden an.

Dies gilt auch für die Onlineversion des Spiels, da hohe Gewinne von der heimischen Couch aus getätigt werden können und die Spieler nicht das Haus verlassen müssen. Es lohnt sich daher, den Slot Lord of the Ocean einmal zu testen. Nicht zuletzt, da der Jackpot einen Gewinn von Das Spielprinzip von Lord of the Ocean Der Slot verfügt über fünf Walzen und 10 Gewinnlinien, ähnlich wie die meisten anderen der Slots von Novoline.

Diese Walzen enthalten Symbole, von denen gleichartige Symbole in einer Spielrunde in eine Reihe gebracht werden müssen. Für einen Gewinn und 10 Bonusrunden genügen bei dem Slot Lord of the Ocean bereits drei gleiche Symbole. Während der Freispiele können mit diesem System weitere Freispiele gesichert werden, wobei es dabei keine Obergrenze gibt. Da betreffende Scatter-Symbol, mit welchem die Freispiele erreicht werden können, ist bei Lord of the Ocean das Amulett.

Für Gewinne ist auch das Wild-Symbol Neptun sehr wertvoll, da es alle Standardsymbole im Slot ersetzt. Leider ist das Freispiel bei Lord of the Ocean im Gegensatz zu anderen Automaten das einzige Bonusspiel in diesem Slot. Gibt es eine Gamble-Funktion? Ja, auch bei dem Slot Lord of the Oceans gibt es; wie bei den meisten Automaten des Herstellers Novoline; eine Gamble-Funktion. Diese ist auch bei den Online-Versionen vorhanden und bei den Nutzern dieser Automaten sehr beliebt.

Denn mit dieser Funktion können die Gewinne vervielfacht werden. Bei dieser Option wird eine Karte angezeigt und der Nutzer muss darauf setzen, ob diese eine rote oder eine schwarze Farbe aufweist. Wird allerdings falsch getippt, sind alle gebuchten Gewinne weg. Die verfügbaren Freispiele bei Lord of the Ocean Bei dem Slot Lord of the Ocean werden bei Gewinnen zusätzlich 10 Freispiele gewährt. Anders als bei anderen Automaten von Novoline kann bei Lord of the Ocean kein spezielles Symbol ausgewählt werden, das in Freispielrunden als Multiplikator gilt und damit weitere Freispiele und Gewinne ermöglicht, wenn es in der Spinrunde auftaucht.

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In the days of myth and legend, the beautiful Calypso ruled the seas, and all sailors both loved and feared her, even though she too had mortal blood. Chinese Mythology has four Lords of the Ocean in the Dragon Kings, each of whom presents one of the Four Seas of ancient Chinese geography: Ao Guang of the Eastern Sea, Ao Qin of the Southern Sea, Ao Shun of the Northern Sea, and Ao Jun of the Western Sea. They are also charged with controlling the weather, particularly rain. In Yoruba belief, the orisha Olokun is described as the King of the Oceans. Symbole bei Lord of the Ocean Zehn farbenfrohe Symbole mit unterschiedlichen Einsatzmultiplikatoren warten bei Lord of the Ocean darauf, eine Gewinnreihe zu bilden. Legends say that all marine mammals were born from her fingers when they were severed by her father, thus giving her command over the whales, seals, and walruses so important to Inuit survival. As a heathen goddess, Calypso was able to take many forms, but since the crab was attributed as her symbol, she chose that form. He is the greatest of all of the spirit folk lords and takes the most interest in his people.

While he denies being any sort of divinity , he's still The Good King of his city devoted to him, and while he's a fan of coexistence with humanity in the present he admits in the past he could and would drown countless people "like ants before the tide" if the mood struck him. Hast du mithilfe des mystischen Siegels Freispiele gewonnen, kannst du für diese ein Bonus-Symbol auswählen.

Die traumhafte Unterwasserwelt, eine tolle Ausschüttungsquote von über 95 Prozent sowie das lukrative Lord-of-the-Ocean-Feature machen diesen Spielautomaten zu einem absoluten Muss für Novoline-Fans. The GURPS "Dungeon Fantasy" sub-line features classic dungeon fantasy-style clerics and holy warriors, and allows for the possibility of them worshiping a range of deities; GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 7: Clerics offers different spell lists and special powers for different types of deity served, and Sea Gods are an option.

The Amphibian Man from The Shape of Water is a Fish Person found in the Amazon River by the U. The natives that lived by the river worshipped him as a god, the legitimacy of the skepticism against this claim put into question due to its healing touch , Healing Factor and its ability to give Elisa gills. Despite being corporal beings , Dagon and Hydra can fall under the category of Lovecraftian Gods due to their connection with the cult, their worshipers' transformative nature , the sheer threat they pose to mankind and their association with other Eldritch Abominations like the Star Spawn.

When Regina takes on her likeness to trick Ariel into helping her capture Snow White, Ursula appears in the form of her statue coming to life and reaching through her magic mirror, and threatens to kill her if she ever tries using her name like that again. She is a chaotic and destructive deity who causes storms, sinks ships and drowns people on a whim, and her worshipers often run protection rackets, charging a fee to ship captains in exchange for protection from their goddess' wrath.

Follow the mermaid in this beautiful underwater game and open the gate to the. For every dolphin killed, she demands a human killed in equal measure. His power is so extreme even in a weakened state he can split the ocean apart, he admits he could cause The Great Flood if he let his power get too out of control, and when he briefly goes Brainwashed and Crazy , he commands all the water currently submerging his city into the sky while preventing anymore from flooding in.

One day, she fell in love with the human sailor Davy Jones, granting him authority over the Flying Dutchman and the role of Psychopomp to those who perished at sea. He is also said to own a magical pearl that controls the tides. Auf sie verteilen sich zehn Gewinnlinien, die du bei Bedarf bis auf eine reduzieren kannst. Wonder Woman : Poseidon is god of the sea, and occasionally manipulates portions of it such as in Volume 2 where he turned the water in the ocean around Themyscira into a Healing Spring , but normally is more subject to the sea than it is to him; after all King Arthur rules the sea and Poseidon is just a fading old god.

Poseidon invites you to his realm of 10 lines and 5 reels. While it does not actively act on its own interests, it does choose to help in subtle ways, leading the abandoned baby Maui to the gods and inspiring Moana to take up sailing, eventually leading to her people's return to wayfinding and the return of Te Fiti and by extensions all of creation as we know it.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians : Poseidon is the Greek god of the sea, and also our hero Percy Jackson 's father - which is why his son has water-based powers. Live-Action Series Once Upon a Time : Ursula is portrayed as a Goddess of the Sea, worshiped by human and merfolk alike within the Enchanted Forest, the other Ursula of the series having been named after her. Dadurch kannst du sehr hohe Gewinne einfahren. Das Besondere bei Lord of the Ocean Das nach dem Spieltitel benannte Lord-of-the-Ocean-Feature hebt den Slot von seinen Kollegen ab.

In Hawaii, he is known as the octopus god Kanaloa, and is also associated with magic and the Underworld due to the connections with the murky and mysterious depths of the ocean. He lived in a palace under the ocean and, depending on the legend, has played both heroic and villainous roles, reflecting the ever-changing nature of the sea. Taucht das Symbol dann während eines Freispiels auf dem Spielfeld auf, egal in welcher Position, dann nimmt es alle Position auf der Walze ein.

Her scions are huge sea serpents which guide and guard some of Maarin ships. Follow the mermaid in this beautiful Coolfire™ II-s. He was mainly notable for fathering Phorcys and Ceto, who went on to produce fearsome offspring such as Echidna, the Gorgons, and the Sirens. Advertisement: Fan Works In By the Sea , a "merfolk AU" where the Mandalorians and some others from Star Wars canon are merfolk, Sho'cye literally "ocean" in Star Wars Legends canon Mando'a is the Mandalorian people's chief deity.

Because the Romans were not a sea-farming civilization, Neptunus was considered more frightening and foreboding. Manannan mac Lir of Irish mythology, whose name means "Son of the Sea". Legends ascribe him with a magical boat called Scuabtuinne "wave sweeper" , as well as having the duty of ferrying souls to the afterlife as there was a strong association between water and the next world in Celtic belief.

Der Risikomodus Die Slots von Novomatic verfügen über einen optionalen Risikomodus, das Kartenrisiko. Varuna in Hindu Mythology , although he was in fact initially a sky god. Was den Einsatz angeht, so loht es sich, die Anbieter zu vergleichen. Neptunus more famously known today as Neptune was the Roman God of the Seas and Roman equivalent to Poseidon. Zeus himself also had water associations, though to go along with him being otherwise a god of the sky and lightning, his kind of water was rain.

He discovered his true potential when Max revived him with an unselfish dream — leader of the sharks and king of the ocean. In Japanese Mythology , the dragon Ryujin was the god of the sea. Tolkien's Legendarium : Of the Valar who shaped the planet, Ulmo has control over the oceans and waters, dwelling in the Eldritch ocean Vaiya that encircles the globe and watching all of Middle-Earth through its waterways.

Poseidon was the Greek God of the Sea specifically the Mediterranean, but everyone seems to forget that , earthquakes, soil, storms and horses. Tangaroa is the sea deity of many South Pacific cultures, who often also tribute him with having fathered all fishes. Liegst du nur einmal falsch, ist alles weg und das Risikospiel vorbei.

The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl has Sharkboy. After she broke her promise to meet him ten years later, Davy Jones conspired against her, instructing the Pirate Lords how to entrap her into a mortal form as a way for mankind to gain control over the oceans. Wonder Woman Rebirth revealed this version of Poseidon was not real and part of Diana's altered memories. Calypso became the witch Tia Dalma and Davy Jones, in neglect of his duties, became a Cthulhumanoid and the pirate lore equivalent of the Devil.

This not only implies that Poseidon is real, but that he is arguably the most powerful being in the franchise, his power maintaining all of the magic associated with the Seven Seas. Occasionally, the title of sea deity is given to his daughter Yemoja instead. They are considered allies to the Aesir and their realm is where those who have died at sea are believed to rest. In Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales , the MacGuffin of the film is the Trident of Poseidon , an artifact capable of breaking all curses within the borders of the oceans upon its destruction.

Unlike most sea deities, she is female, and is considered to be both a deity and the sea itself. Je mehr Gewinnlinien aktiviert sind, desto höher ist deine Gewinnchance — aber auch dein Einsatz. Mit dieser Einsatzstruktur kommen sowohl Neulinge als auch Profis auf ihre Kosten. In the New Poseidon had the appearance of a Sea Monster Animalistic Abomination as a gigantic blue-green mashup of bits of different sea creatures.

Poseidon invites you to his realm of 10 lines and 5 reels. He is sometimes conflated with his mother Yingarna particularly in the Western-imposed "rainbow serpent" god complex , who is also a water goddess but not necessarily one with powers over the sea. Liegst du richtig, verdoppelt sich dein Gewinn und du kannst den Risikomodus beenden oder weiterzocken. Bei Quasar Gaming kannst Du meistens ab einen Cent pro Gewinnlinie loslegen.

Cthulhu Mythos : While many of the Eldritch Abominations possess aquatic characteristics, Dagon and Hydra deserve special mention being powerful Deep Ones worshipped by the Esoteric Order of Dagon. Stürze dich mit dem Slot Lord of the Ocean in ein Unterwasser-Abenteuer und stibitze dem Meereskönig Triton seine Kostbarkeiten. Classical Mythology : Oceanus known as Hydros to some is the Greco-Roman Personification of the sea and primordial waters, which at the time was believed to be one massive river that surrounded the world.

Wir empfehlen, den Gamble-Modus nur bei kleinen Gewinnen zu nutzen. The cult of Poseidon was very important in Athens, which built its economic and military power on control of the sea. Dieser beträgt zwischen einen Cent und zehn Euro pro Linie, demnach zwischen einen Cent und Euro je Dreh. He is said to be the mortal enemy of the Storm God, and encourages the Ironborn's Viking -esque lifestyle of piracy, battle and sailing.

The Pacific Ocean in Moana is portrayed as a Genius Loci that selects specific people like the titular Moana for a specific purpose. Godzilla is sometimes presented this way in movies that emphasize his aquatic nature. Films — Live-Action Pirates of the Caribbean : Calypso named after the nymph of Classical Mythology is the Goddess of the Seas. Certainly, the homes of sea gods tend to be strange underwater palaces.

The deep blue sea! Much like in Classical Mythology , Poseidon from Hercules is the Olympian God of the Seas and Hercules' uncle. A Song of Ice and Fire : The Drowned God is a god worshiped by the Ironborn of the Iron Islands. Lord of the Ocean™. They also host wild parties and brew beer for the other gods. Hier findest du eine Übersicht über sie, aufgelistet in aufsteigender Wertigkeit: 10, Bube, Dame Kartensymbole.{/PARAGRAPH} Dark Shores : The Maarin worship the sea goddess Madoria, who helps sailors and claims their souls as her own after they die — and grants some of them power to breathe under water. One way to do so is by killing dolphins, who are her favorite species. His other children included Nereus the Old Man of the Sea , Thaumas father of Iris, the rainbow goddess , and Eurybia mother of the River Styx. Lord of the Ocean ist die lange erwartete Online-Umsetzung des gleichnamigen Novoline-Klassikers, produziert von der renommierten Firma Novomatic und digital aufbereitet von deren IT-Tochter Greentube. Dabei bekommst du nach einem Gewinn durch Betätigen des Gamble-Buttons mehrfach eine Chance, diesen Gewinn immer wieder zu verdoppeln — oder ganz zu verspielen. He raises and calms the storm, and calls all waters home to the Sea. Small Gods : The Sea Queen is the goddess of the sea. In the Forgotten Realms , the oceans are part of the domain of Umberlee, a goddess also known as the "Bitch Queen of the Depths". When Zeus forced Cronus into disgorging them all, he and his siblings joined Zeus in their campaign against the Titans — known today as the Titanomachy. Ran is the Norse Goddess of the Sea and her husband Aegir, the Jotunn personifications of the sea and the mother and father respectively of the Nine Goddesses of the Waves. Others, such as the Greek Poseidon, may be more comprehensible to humanity while still wielding terrible forces such as earthquakes and ruling a realm of huge, scaly monsters. He wields the Trident , an immensely powerful magical weapon wielded by the monarch of Atlantica, bestowing upon its user untold magical power, including the power to control the seas, the weather, the power to change one's size, the power to shoot lightning, the power to turn a mermaid into a human and a plethora of other powers. It is stated that those the Ironborn drown a form of piety in their religion are recruited as the God's oarsmen, and the Ironborn that have drowned are invited to the God's underwater halls where they are served upon by mermaids for all eternity. Doch Vorsicht, lass dich nicht vom lieblichen Gesang der Meerjungfrau ablenken! Before Poseidon and Oceanus, there was Pontus, a primordial sea deity and son of Gaia. Manimekhala is the Buddhist deity of the sea, very popular in places like Thailand and Cambodia where she inspired some of the more well-known folk dances. While it is never made clear if King Poseidon introduced in the Season Four episode " Poor Unfortunate Souls " is the actual Poseidon of Greek Mythology, he willfully named his daughter after the actual Goddess of the Sea, implying that he was named after the actual God. The fact that both Zeus and Hades are confirmed to exist, it is very likely that their middle-brother is real as well. Dazu gehören das 4 Crowns Casino und das Ares Casino. Lord of the Ocean auf win2day - jetzt spielen.

Lord of the Ocean

{PARAGRAPH}Lord of the Ocean kostenlos spielen HINWEIS: Novoline Spiele sind in Deutschland im Moment nicht spielbar. Comic Books Aquaman : Born from the union of a lighthouse keeper and the Queen of Atlantis, Arthur Curry eventually takes his place as as the King of the Sea and protector of the kingdom of Atlantis in addition to his role as a member of the Justice League of America. When a sea spirit folk character raises his Honor to 85, the Lord of the Sea will bestow a gift on him. Erscheint es vier- oder gar fünfmal, erhöht sich der Gewinn entsprechend. The Athenian founding myths tend to involve Poseidon in roles where other states put Zeus—for instance, their royalsnote Athens did have a royal family, and was supposedly a monarchy in archaic times. When they won their war, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades drew straws to decide who gained ownership of what part of the cosmos, leading Poseidon to gain lordship of the seas. Literature A Chorus of Dragons : Laaka is the goddess of the sea, storms, and sea serpents, and is said to be the mother of the krakens. The deep blue sea! Whether or not she is associated with the Greco-Roman Gods featured in the franchise is currently unknown. He has rulership over all other water deities and is usually thought of as having an Ambiguous Gender , being depicted as male, female, or androgynous in acknowledgement of the fluid nature of water. The monarchy was long gone by the time we have surviving records, but the scions of the royal family were accorded important religious duties and social roles. He was the second youngest son of the Titan Cronus Hades the oldest and Zeus the youngest , who swallowed him and all of his siblings sans Zeus at birth. Befindet sich nach dem Stillstand dasselbe Symbol mindestens dreimal hintereinander von links nach rechts auf einer Gewinnlinie, hast du einen Gewinn erzielt. During the war, he was given a three-pronged trident that gave him command over the seas and various other divine abilities. Godzilla: King of the Monsters in particular leans on this characterization, showing Godzilla making his lair in the Underwater Ruins of an Eldritch Ocean Abyss. Spielaufbau bei Lord of the Ocean Lord of the Ocean ist ein typischer Slot mit fünf Walzen und drei Reihen. In ancient times, pontos was the generic word for any large sea, though it later came to refer specifically to the Black Sea and eventually the region bordering it in the southeast, hence the Kingdom of Pontus and the Pontic Greeks. Inuit Mythology : Sedna is described as being the ruler of the underworld. Films — Animation King Triton from The Little Mermaid is the merman king of Atlantica and father of the protagonist Ariel. Worshiped by sailors, she is vindictive and causes storms to attack ships that disrespect her. The four headliner kaiju of that movie form a loose Four-Element Ensemble , with Godzilla himself representing water. While technically a river god, the god of the Douro River, Durius, was the most prominent unambiguous water god in Lusitanian Mythology and even had his own weapon , the net. Originally a god of springs and rivers, the expansion of the Italian Peninsula led to the Romans incorporating aspects of the Greek Olympians to their pantheon, Neptunus adopting Poseidon's characteristics. Their lore states that the Drowned God is said to have drowned in the sea, for the sake of the Ironborn, but returned to life "harder and stronger". Tief auf dem Meeresgrund verbergen sich sagenhafte Schätze. Interestingly, related materials refer to her as a daughter of the Titan Atlas as per mythology , which implies until the fifth film clears it up that other Greco-Roman gods might also exist in the same universe. The Faceless Men of the Free City of Braavos believe that the Drowned God is but one of the many aliases as, they believe, are all other gods associated with death of their Many-Faced God of Death , and thus they keep an official effigy of the Drowned God a statue made of driftwood in a humanoid shape in their base at the House of Black and White. The mercurial, inscrutable nature of the sea, the merfolks' entire world, also lends her to associations with fate and luck, which feature heavily in the themes of the main sequel, Currents and Tides. Because Aphrodite and her Roman equivalent Venus was born from the ocean when Cronus castrated his father and his severed penis fell into the ocean , some consider her a goddess associated with water. He is often seen riding a crocodilian sea monster called Makara.