A Comprehensive Review Of the Best 5 Baby Trend Double Jogging Strollers

Baby Trend strollers are some of the best options for parents looking for ways of bringing their little ones along during jogging routines. The outdoors and fresh air are not only good for your health, but also for the development of the baby.

The double baby trend strollers offer parents a low-cost means of traveling with twins. These double strollers feature the usual pneumatic wheels in a three-wheel setup. It is a design that handles well on almost all the terrains as the rubber provides excellent traction while the air-filled tires act as secondary shock absorbers.

And to make things a little interesting for you, these joggers are availed in some options. While many choices are a good thing to have, it does present a challenge on deciding on the specific option that you need.

Nonetheless, you do not have to worry about all that. I have prepared for you a detailed review of the best 5 Baby Trend Double Jogging Strollers. Choosing from only five should be easy enough, don’t you think so?

Best 5 Baby Trend Double Jogging Strollers Reviews


Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller

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The Baby Trend Navigator is a jogging stroller intended to provide comfort and safety to twins. First, this particular model has two options to select from. There is the cheaper Vanguard and the more expensive tropic-themed Navigator. Both of them offer almost the same features, except for the styling and the finish applied on either stroller.

Instead of the usual three-wheel design on jogging strollers, the Navigator has four pneumatic wheels. A double front wheel orientation allows for free swiveling on busy sidewalks and locking as you go off-road. Each of these features gives the stroller excellent maneuverability and stability when on loose ground or bumpy paths.

All-terrain wheels filled with air makes it easy to push. If your baby is still too young to use the stroller seats, then you have the option of attaching one of the two Flex Loc Infant car seats. In this way, you can transition from the hospital to home use in an instant. After the twins outgrow their seats, 5-point safety harnesses keep them within the confines of the stroller seats.

Moreover, the two seats recline independently of the other. This feature is great if you want to avoid duels in the stroller on whose seats should be in what position. For taking care of the twins, 2 large-sized storage baskets are fitted beneath each seat. Also, I think the padding on the seats is decent enough to keep a baby comfortable throughout the jogging session.

While it is almost impossible to hate this stroller, it has a couple of issues that I don’t like. First, I find it hard to attach both parent tray and footrests. Also, the individual wheeled parking brakes are a nuisance at times. It would do with a linked parking brake fitted with a kick bar to simply flip on to engage the brakes.


  • Weighs 43 pounds
  • Dimensions: 46” x 32.5” x 43”
  • Max baby weight per seat: 50 pounds
  • Min baby weight per seat: 5 pounds
  • 4 pneumatic wheels
  • Reflectors on frame and wheels
  • Parent tray with built-in speakers, 2 cup holders
  • Compatible with infant car seats
  • 5-point harness
  • Parking brakes


  • Effortless folding mechanism
  • Great padding on wheels
  • Comfortable, multi-position reclining seats
  • check
    Great price for a double jogging stroller
  • check
    High stability with 4 wheels
  • check
    Decent foot room
  • check
    Rolls smoothly on any terrain
  • check
    Lots of cargo space
  • check
    Independent reclining
  • check
    A central bar keeps the babies from sagging towards the center of the stroller
  • check
    Well padded metallic parts for baby safety


  • Screwing footrest and parent tray in place is hard work
  • Handle height is fixed
  • Safety harness not attached to the stroller frame, but rather seat fabric
  • exclamation-circle
    4 wheels reduce maneuverability


Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger

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The Baby Trend Expedition scores highly regarding folding size, storage size, weight, and maneuverability. I think if you are in the market for a budget-friendly double jogger, then you would love this model. What’s more, it has some other exciting features that tick in almost all the right boxes for a low-cost baby get-around gear.

It is relatively easy to fold the Expedition in regards to it being a double jogger. It requires you to use both hands in the folding process. Once folded, a manual locking system holds the frame together, allowing it to self-stand on the spot. The folding procedure is done in four easy to master steps. Part of the process involves releasing the red-colored straps.

Likewise, the Expedition is fitted with double-action brakes that mean you have to depress both sets of pedals to engage them. While this type of brakes isn’t the worst around, I think it creates a room for error, unlike single action brakes with a pressing bar. Also, a single-action brake would save you time. Storage space is also available under each of the seats.

A single canopy on both seats means the twins have to share this sunshade. This feature saves on cost, but it limits customizability of the stroller rides where each baby would have their canopies reclined to their preferred position. On every seat is a 5-point safety harness. It is padded and sturdy enough to keep the babies from fiddling with them.

The leg rest has padding that looks and feels nice, although its un-adjustability is a major undoing. Both seats recline in the same manner, albeit with the added effort of using both hands to complete the adjustment. As opposed to having adjusting angles, the seats have infinite reclining positions for a cozier stroller ride than in stiff seats.


  • Multi-position recline seats
  • Trigger fold
  • Lockable front swivel wheel
  • 3 Pneumatic wheels
  • Double action brakes
  • Dimensions: 49” x 21.5” x 43”
  • Max weight per seat: 50 pounds
  • Min weight per seat: 25 pounds
  • Weight: 25 pounds
  • Adjustable 5-point harness
  • Ratcheting canopy
  • 2 cup holders, storage compartments
  • 42” max baby head height


  • Compact when folded to fit in car trunks
  • Fits right through regular door sizes
  • Great maneuverability on sandy beaches
  • check
    Easy assembly
  • check
    Individual reclining seats
  • check
    Speakers available to hook an iPod
  • check
    Plenty of storage compartments
  • check
    Good traction for trail jogging
  • check
    Front wheel stays rigid when the swivel is locked
  • check
    Good range of motion
  • check
    Decently sitting rooms


  • Little growing room for tall kids
  • Does not fit through standard doors
  • No child trays


Baby Trend Navigator Lite Double Jogger Stroller

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When you have the Baby Trend Navigator Lite, you can still continue with your active lifestyle. Plus, there is the added advantage of bringing along your two favorite little persons. With this jogger, parents are able to keep an eye on both kids at the same time. This stroller is multi-functional as it transitions from a normal double to a jogger in a couple of seconds.

On this stroller are two, decently sized seats. These seats are well-padded and fitted with adjustable 5-point safety harnesses. Therefore, the babies are kept not only comfy but also safe. Individual multi-position reclining of the seats makes it possible to have one baby watch the world as you go by, while the other takes a quick nap.

I like the two ratcheting sun canopies on this stroller. Putting in place such a design protects the little ones from weather elements such as direct sunlight and wind. The lockable front swiveling wheel is what makes the stroller adaptive to various environments. You can quickly maneuver through crowded zoos, shopping centers, or towns and many more when not going jogging.

Another feature that I think you would love is the parent tray. It is a convenient one, with its 2 cup holders and an enclosed compartment. The latter storage is a perfect holding place for keys, phones, pacifier, and any other small-sized item. Similarly, the other storage spaces beneath the seats can be used for diaper bags, blankets, pine cones collected, sticks, etc.

The design of this stroller is such that it accommodates two infant seats from an array of manufacturers. Note that these are not included in the package. As a double jogger, you must be prepared for its bulky nature. When folded, it usually occupies almost all the cargo space. Also, don’t expect it will be easy to fold the stroller.


  • Color: Candy Apple
  • 5-point harness
  • Bicycle-tires
  • 2 ratcheting shades
  • Parent tray: cup holders and storage compartment
  • Locking front wheel swivel
  • Multi-position, independent seat recline
  • 2 infant car seats (not included)
  • Weighs 31.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 46” x 32” x 42”
  • 12” and 16” front and rear wheels respectively
  • Max weight per seat: 50 pounds
  • Min weight per seat: 23 (at least 6 months)
  • Reflectors included for safety


  • Pushes with ease
  • Plenty of room
  • Wide to create more room for the passengers
  • check
    Convenient parent tray
  • check
    Darts in and out of crowded places
  • check
    Converts to a travel system
  • check
    Affordable for a double stroller
  • check
    Safety bar included
  • check
    Easy to assemble
  • check
    Withstands miles and years of jogging
  • check
    Great space allowance for those with long strides


  • Takes up lots of trunk space
  • No tray for kids’ snacks
  • Wheels can be difficult to inflate
  • exclamation-circle
    Fixed handles not easy on tall parents


Baby Trend Expedition EX Double Jogging Stroller

Via: Amazon


The Expedition EX-double jogger from Baby Trend is another ideal stroller option for a jogging companion. Provided your two little buddies are over 6 months old, they should be kept safe and comfortable, even when jogging in remote, rugged jogging trails. The key to these capabilities lies in the composite-rubber, air-filled bicycle-grade tires.

When you go jogging, lock the front tire from pivoting freely around its axis so that you can maintain a straight path. But when you change strolling routine to leisure walks, free the front wheel such that it turns freely. Consequently, you will be able to evade obstacles, bumps, and people more easily.

For the safety of trips, no matter the nature of the strolling (whether leisure or jogging), use the 5-point harness to buckle the babies up. Make the right adjustments such that the shoulder straps are neither too tight nor too loose to discomfort the babies. A maximum user height of 42 inches is specified. The height doesn’t allow for much room for growth if your kids are blessed with height.

Peekaboo windows on the two ratcheting canopy shields allow you to keep an eye on the kids with ease. If your kids are anything like mine, then I think you’ll love how you can independently recline the seats and sun canopies. I have a constant battle of one kid wanting to rest, while the other sight sees. Or at times, one kid feels like having the cover draped over her while the other doesn’t.

Another striking feature is the opportune parent tray. It has 2 cup holders, a covered storage compartment, and a plug-in for your mp3 (a great asset when jogging). The cargo spaces underneath the seats aren’t that badly sized either. Nonetheless, these features usually miss in some of the strollers. I think it could be oversight, or quality control inefficiencies.


  • Weighs 32.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 46” x 31.5” x 42”
  • Min weight per seat: 15 pounds
  • Max weight per seat: 50 pounds
  • 2 Ratcheting shade canopies
  • Multi-position recline seats
  • Parent tray: storage compartments, mp3 plug-in
  • Compact fold
  • Max kid height: 42”


  • Excellent versatility
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Tires are easy to inflate
  • check
    Convenient storage spaces
  • check
    Mp3 plug-in great for those who love music as they jog
  • check
    BPA free plastic parent tray
  • check
    Certified by Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA)
  • check
    Relatively compact fold
  • check
    Accommodates relatively large items in the storage basket
  • check
  • check
    Adapts to all terrains


  • Difficult to clean
  • Some products come with no mp3 player plug-in
  • Poor quality control as some are delivered scratched


Baby Trend - Double Jogger, Millennium

Via: Amazon


The Baby Trend Millennium Double Jogger features a side by side stroller sitting arrangement. It’s an ideal arrangement for twins who love riding as a comfortable pair. Also, the stroller can be used by a sibling with a slight difference in age. However, you need to be aware of weight imbalances if the age disparity is too large for a side by side stroller.

At 32.5 pounds in weight, this stroller is surprisingly lightweight, yet very sturdy. You should be able to carry it down a flight of stairs with minimal fuss. In addition to the weight, the comparative ease of folding it is another great feature. To do the folding, simultaneously pull on the two triggers as you press on the handle downwards. Spring-loaded latches keep the frame firmly folded when you are done.

If you are still short on storage space after folding, quickly remove the wheels, which you can then fit back later. Another feature that you may find a bit complex to figure out is the 5-point harness. To prevent kids from releasing the buckles, moderate pressure should be applied to release the clips.

As a jogger, there is a wrist strap added on the handle for preventing accidental rolling away of the stroller in case you trip or fall. However, the strap is of no use if you do not attach it to your wrist in the first place. Keeping the front wheel locked is a safety precaution you shouldn’t ever forget. Oh, and the seats are generously padded too for the comfort of the kids.

Seats recline individually into some positions. This Reclinability adds to the overall comfort of the stroller, apart from providing for a way of napping. I have always struggled to entertain my kids when strolling. In this stroller, there is a clever answer in the form of mp3 speakers built into the back of the canopies. Now, your kids can have all the fun, plus the breath of fresh air.


  • Weighs 32.5 pounds
  • Max weight per seat: 50 pounds
  • Min weight per seat: above 6 months of age
  • Max head height: 42”
  • Mp3 (iPod) plug-in speakers
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Single ratcheting sun canopy
  • Dimensions: 32.5” x 46” x 43”
  • Padded, multi-position recline seat
  • Steel frame
  • JPMA certification
  • 2 cup holder
  • 12” and 16” pneumatic wheels


  • Compact fold
  • Plenty of comforting features
  • Ergonomic handle
  • check
    Ample storage spaces
  • check
    Great value for money
  • check
    Lightweight for portability
  • check
    Inbuilt speakers for entertainment
  • check
    Independent reclining seats
  • check
    Easy to assemble


  • Wheels can be wobbly
  • Relatively pricey
  • Discomforting handle for tall parents

How to Choose the Best Baby Trend Double Jogging Stroller

Almost all the Baby Trend double joggers have the same features, except for minor differences. They have the bicycle-grade pneumatic wheels, fixed handles, and probably the same width. However, the minor differences are in the accessories that each one has, and the compatibility with infant car seats.

  • Sun Protection

Sun canopies are a must on any jogging stroller. While all of these have ratcheting sunshades, their designs have a slight difference. Most of them have two canopies on either seat while some have a single sun canopy covering both seats.

Each of these types of protection has their pros and cons, more so when it comes to fostering harmony within the passenger pairs. With a single cover, it means both kids will be covered at the same time, unlike when each of the covers can be independently outstretched.

So, if your pair of buddies usually get along just fine, then a single canopy would be great. But if brawls are their norm (which is very rare), then let each of them have their own sun canopies.

  • Parent and Child Trays

Every parent appreciates some level of comfort. The kids too will love it when they have a place of having their snacks during stops. This is where stroller trays accessories come in handy. For this, these double joggers have a difference.

There are those with both child and parent trays while others only have the parent tray. You can always add an extra one if need be, but buying a stroller with one already provided is more convenient.

  • Built in Mp3 or iPod Speakers

There is something about joggers and music. It keeps you calm as you navigate the different hills and winding paths downhill. But when you have kids as well, a means of entertaining them is an added bonus.

Some kids calm down when they hear their favorite soothing songs. Therefore, consider a stroller option with this simple, yet genius accessory. Not all of the Babytrend strollers have them.

Also, some have the description of the existence of such an accessory, while in actual sense isn’t there. Take a minute or so to go through the reviews from those who have bought that particular brand and see whether there is a provision for a speaker.

  • Infant Car Seat Compatibility

One of the features I strongly recommend is the compatibility with infant car seats. It is an important feature, more so if you plan to use the stroller for regular purposes other than just jogging.

Likewise, a car seat makes it easy for parents to carry the babies from the car onto the stroller, without disturbing their sleep. So, if you can get a jogging stroller which fits an array of car seats, then the better for you. Note that having an infant car seat is not an excuse for going jogging with a baby who is younger than 6 months.


BabyTrend is one of the most reputable manufacturers of double jogging strollers around. Their products have appropriate safety, comfort, and convenience features, but at relatively affordable prices. These features fare favorably with most of the high-end double joggers.

If you are looking for the best Baby Trend Double Jogging Stroller, then I think the Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller would be the best option for you out of the five products I have reviewed above.

Among the five, it is the one with both child and parent tray, which is an asset that a jogger should have. Also, this stroller accommodates two Baby Trend Infant car seats, alongside a select few other brands.

In place of the usual 3 wheels, it has 4 pneumatic tires which increase stroller stability, thus reducing the chances of tumbling down. Furthermore, the stroller has speakers attached to the parent tray for an extra source of entertainment.

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