A Comprehensive Review Of The Best Quad Stroller in 2018

Are you expecting a baby soon or has the baby already arrived? Now is the time to rev up your baby accessories purchase in readiness for the newborn to come. It also represents a time of conflicted emotions and experiences. While you are super elated, shopping for baby essentials becomes a nightmare (subjective) as you seem not to figure out what the baby might require.

One of the gears you will need at some point is a baby stroller for moving about. This is one of the “to do” shopping items that present a challenge, more so when you are expecting or have quadruplets. First, you could buy four single strollers, two double strollers or buy a quad stroller. The first two seem stupid, right?

Now you are left with the option of finding the best quad stroller. Finding one is another task altogether as there aren’t many of them around. But since I always have your back, I have scoured the web for 4 of the best quad strollers around that I hope will ease your worries.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Quad Stroller

Having to choose a single item from too many choices is daunting, right? What of if you have limited choices? The latter scenario is what faces most of the parents who are looking for the best quad strollers. Nonetheless, these are some tips to ease your stroller search.

  • Manageable Weight

Here is the deal, quad strollers are heavy. The steel construction meant to make them rigid also makes them heavy. While this is true for most of the strollers, not all are heavy. You can find a stroller that you can manage its weight.

If you are a parent on the go, then you want a stroller that is flexible enough for travels. Once folded, the stroller should realistically fit at the back or trunk (very rare ones do).

  • Check for Appropriate Leg and Height Room

Quad strollers are designed for babies and toddlers of certain ages. Typically, all of them are meant for babies older than 6 months because of the lack of near flat recline in the seats. And since some of these strollers are crammed up for through door sizing, comfort tends to be sacrificed.

To guarantee that your little fellas will be as comfortable as they should, check the head height and make sure it is at least 40 inches. Legroom too should be generous to accommodate both sets of twins.

  • Ensure Tires Are Well Built

The part of the stroller that bears the brunt of the increased stroller weight is the tires. The wheels should, therefore, be sturdy enough, handle different terrains, and cope well with repeated use.

  • Look for a Comfortable Braking System

One of the major complaints about quad strollers is their braking system. Most models have a braking system which necessitates that you hold the brake levers down as you steer the stroller. Releasing the levers engages the brakes, bringing the stroller to a stop.

While it is meant to make the stroller secure, it is a very tiring system. If you can find a different braking system, then go for that option. Otherwise, you can get around the problem by tying down the brake levers when pushing, then untying once you stop.

The Best Quad Strollers Reviews


Foundations The Quad Sport 4-Passenger Stroller

Via: Amazon


The Foundations Quad Sport is a 4 passenger stroller that’s relatively popular among parents blessed with quadruplets. It bears resemblance to two double strollers joined side by side. Two of the babies take the front seats, while the other two enjoy the same cozy seats at the back. Constant disharmony among the babies becomes reduced in this sitting arrangement.

So long as your babies weigh less than 40 pounds each, they can comfortably use the four seats on this stroller. In total, that is about 160 pounds of load. This is not bad if you are looking for an item to help ease things along for the first couple of years. Despite its enormous size, this quad stroller folds up nicely for space-saving storage and easy transportation.

All the weight is distributed evenly throughout the stroller. To make the stroller easy to maneuver when at full load, shock absorbing and rubberized wheels provide a smoother rolling on different surfaces. The use of rubber also lessens the impacts from bumpy surfaces. This stroller has a braking system that engages itself as long as you release the handle.

With a width of about 22 inches, this stroller fits through most of the doors. This is a great feature if you prefer letting the babies or toddlers board the stroller indoors. Reviews about this stroller look good with most of the customers praising it for good performance. However, there is a number who complain of the flimsy canopy and poor maneuverability.


  • Rubberized wheels
  • SafeBreak System
  • Easy fold
  • 4-seat
  • Through the door sizing
  • Weighs 34 pounds
  • In-line stadium seating
  • Max recommended weight of 50 pounds
  • Min weight of 34 pounds
  • Measures 48” x 22” x 20”
  • Less than 36 months of age
  • Decent sun canopy
  • Generous storage basket
  • Lime color
  • bolt
    Recline seats


  • Easy to maneuver on rough terrains
  • Sizeable seat capacity
  • Lots of storage space
  • check
    Fits through most doors
  • check
    Allows for indoor babies loading
  • check
    Less bumpy rides
  • check
    In-line seating maximizes child visibility
  • check
    Easy to clean fabric
  • check
    Convenient storage


  • Keeping the brakes pressed on is hectic
  • Difficult to maneuver in windy conditions
  • Canopy is flimsy


Child Craft Sport Multi-Child Quad Stroller

Via: Amazon


The Child Craft Sport Quad Stroller is among the best quad strollers going by its popularity. It combines functionality, quality, and great aesthetic for the stylish parents. Although I feel the 65 pounds’ weight is a little too much, it is still for a good purpose. The steel and nylon construction adds to the weight but gives it added strength to carry two sets of twins.

While it's relatively heavy, it is still easy to fold and the resulting folded dimensions occupy a small space. Therefore, you can bring the stroller along on a trip, then unfold it when you reach there. To fold it, access a red safety lock then pull it up. Simultaneously fold the stroller forward to result in the compact well-folded stroller for transportation or storage.

Safety features on the stroller include an adjustable 5-point harness, a braking system, and a safety bar. On the front seat, a soft safety bar is fitted across the seats. This bar provides safety to the babies on board when a crash occurs. Better still, each of the seats has a 5-point safety harness with soft shoulder straps. In return, the babies stay safe even on rough roads.

Seats on this multi-child stroller have a deep padding which is soft on the touch. Materials used to make these seats are safe on the sensitive skins of your little ones. Seats are arranged in an inline-stadium manner to maximize babies’ interaction with their surroundings and one another. Weight recommendation on each seat stands at 40 pounds.


  • Rubberized foam wheels
  • Large-sized canopy
  • 40 pounds’ weight capacity
  • Safe braking system
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Sizeable storage baskets
  • Adjustable, 5-point safety harnesses
  • Easy steps fold
  • Stadium seating
  • Through the door sizing
  • 1-year warranty
  • Weighs 65 pounds
  • Min weight of 15 pounds
  • Open dimensions: 48.5” x 33” x 39.5”


  • Extra-large storage space
  • Decent UV protection from the sun canopy
  • Maximized child interact-ability
  • check
    Ergonomic, comfortable handle
  • check
    Effective breaking system
  • check
    Recline seats allow for napping time for slightly older toddlers
  • check
    Comfortable, padded seats
  • check
    Nylon material easy to wipe clean when it gets messy
  • check
    Decent weight capacity
  • check
    Durable construction
  • check
    Great for child care providers


  • Difficult to lift from the car
  • Relatively costly
  • Continuously holding down the brake system hurts


Foundations Quad Lx 4-Passenger Stroller

Via: Amazon


The Foundations LX4 Quad stroller is a great stroller when you need an increased seating capacity. Children weighing up to 50 pounds can be safely accommodated in the plush padded seats. All these are made possible because of the heavy duty steel construction. In critical parts of the stroller, the steel tubing is double walled for maximum stroller strength.

As the weight limit increases, sitting areas have been increased in size. There is more legroom as well as more headroom. Slightly taller and older toddlers can then be pushed around in comfort. Wheel sizes have been slightly increased to further absorb the added weight of the 4 passengers on board. The wheels are rubberized and made of foam and brings ease maneuvering.

Bringing the massive weight to a halt is done through the use of the effective SafeBrake system. This braking system requires the pusher to hold it down while pushing the stroller. Once you let go of the stroller handle, the brakes are engaged. It keeps the stroller in place despite the heavy load. For extra safety, a manual parking brake is fitted onto the stroller.

All of the 4 seats have an adjustable 5-point safety harness to work alongside the brakes for baby safety. The seats are made from fabrics that are easy to clean. As you know with babies, messing is their way of life (most of the time). Extra-sized storage baskets allow for ample storage space. Caregivers can bring along blankets, toys, diaper bags, supplies etc.


  • Storage basket
  • SafeBrake system
  • Secondary manual parking brake
  • 50 pounds max weight
  • Steel frame
  • Canopy shield
  • ComfortPush handle
  • 21” seat height
  • 8.5” leg room
  • Open dimensions: 48” x 33” x 39.5” (LWH)
  • Folded dimensions: 42” x 33” x 30” (LWH)
  • Weighs 84 pounds
  • 15 pounds minimum weight
  • Forwards facing only seats
  • bolt
    5-point harness


  • Made from heavy-duty steel
  • Increased leg and headroom
  • Smooth rolling wheels
  • check
    Easy to clean fabrics
  • check
    Wear-resistant brake system
  • check
    Easy to push at full load
  • check
    Goes over bumps with ease
  • check
    Fits through doors
  • check
    Can be transported in the back of minivans


  • Footrests are flimsy
  • Runaway brake is too tiring (you can tie it down with a zip tie)
  • Folding it is a challenge when new
  • exclamation-circle


Angeles Infant Toddler SureStop Folding Commercial Bye-Bye Stroller (4-Passenger)

Via: Amazon


For the best in terms of quadruplets’ safety and comfort, the Angeles SureStop stroller is a great option. It is designed to hold 4 babies from the age of 6 months until they reach a weight of 40 pounds. A heavy-duty construction gives an assurance that it would not crumble under the weight of 4 angels.

The tubular steel frame acts as a weight reducing mechanism, as well as making the stroller easy to maneuver. Steel also imparts more sturdiness to the overall design, although it is heavier than aluminum frames. A sturdy frame is complimented by all-terrain wheels to make it possible to go strolling in a host of places provided it’s not too sandy.

The sitting area is made from water-repellant fabrics. They are also fade resistant so that your stroller retains the same immaculate look. Seats are made from commercial-grade padding for keeping the babies cozy. More comfort is ensured by the ability of the seats to recline to at 45 degrees. At that position, babies older than 6-12 months can easily nap.

Ample storage is available under the seats. Access may be hard due to the length of the stroller, but it’s nothing to worry about. Removable canopies turn the stroller into a breathable free space and a protective castle in case of inclement weather. Foot pedal brakes ensure the safety of the riders. The stroller conforms to ASTM F833-07A safety standards.


  • 450 recline seats
  • No-roll technology
  • Removable canopies
  • Water repellent, fade-resistant
  • Hold up 40 pounds per seat
  • For babies older than 6 months
  • 3-step fold
  • Steel tubing construction
  • Ample storage
  • Conforms to safety standards
  • Polyurethane wheels
  • 7 ¾” and 10” front and rear wheels
  • 3-year warranty
  • Measures 47” x 33” x 43”


  • Easy to assemble
  • Fits through standard doorways and hallways
  • Easy to fold in 3 steps
  • check
    Reclining seats adds comfort
  • check
    Sturdy, tubular steel construction
  • check
    Water repellent, fade resistant fabrics
  • check
    A sure stop braking system
  • check
    Assured safety provisions
  • check
    Anti-roll provisions


  • Heavy (40 pounds)
  • Wheels fall off at times


Moving around with your family of four requires that you purchase the best quad stroller. They are sturdy, safe, comfortable, and easy to maneuver despite the tremendous weight increment.

If you are looking for the best quad stroller, you might consider the Angeles Infant Toddler SureStop Folding Commercial Bye-Bye Stroller. It is lightweight, easy to fold, occupies less car space, and has relatively high seat capacity.

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