A Comprehensive and Detailed Stroller Guide 2018 for Parents

Are you about to become a parent? We know the anxiety that first-time parents do have when it comes to trying to find the best products for their babies. One of those products that give parents a lot of headaches when it comes to choosing the most suitable for a baby are strollers.

You are not the only one finding this to be challenging, even experienced parents still struggle with this problem. But why is it so when in reality there are hundreds of thousands of strollers currently available in the market?

Now, the highly increasing demand has led to an increase in the production of strollers; something that has made it even harder to make the right choice. This is precisely why need this stroller guide to bail you out when you want to avoid the fake products and only buy genuine strollers.

Different manufacturers have decided to label their own products as the best so as to get an easy sail in the market. This has left many buyers regretting buying strollers. But wait, we have good news for you. You are no longer going to follow the footsteps of your predecessors who made such wrong decisions.

This article contains everything you need to know before you head to the market for a new stroller. Below are some of the factors that you need to consider before buying a stroller for your baby. We hope you are going to enjoy reading this piece of information.

How To Choose The Best Stroller For Your Baby

1. Based on The Type of Strollers

There is a wide range of strollers in the markets today and hence it may be a bit confusing on which one to have for your lovely baby. You should know that once your angel is born; there is a stroller that will suit him or her. And when the baby grows up, there is also a suitable yummy stroller for the same.

As far as portability is concerned, you will need a stroller that is utmost lightweight and has errands that can be folded easily. The less weight does not mean that you go for a low-quality product; hence you will need a sturdily built stroller for maximum durability.

The number of kids you will want to take out will also guide you on which strollers to purchase. You should also have it in mind that no single stroller will meet all your needs. Therefore, to be fully satisfied, you have to make an effort to have at least two strollers of different features.

Here are the various kinds of strollers you will always come across whenever in the market (whether online or offline)

  • Stroller with Bassinet

These types of strollers are of very high quality and ultimately spacious enough for your baby. When it comes to safety, then this is the safe product that will serve you smart until the end of your trip. This stroller is the best when going out during the summer season as it will provide your little angels with the fresh air circulation they so deserve.

However, not all strollers with bassinets are recommended for use during the night. Why? The bassinets are somehow breathable and highly ventilated and hence the baby will lack the warmth they so deserve. You should be aware of the perfect conditions your baby should be in at any given point.

There are amazing strollers rocking the markets as they come accompanied with bassinets that are tested and approved to be safe to use overnight. So if you are the kind who likes going for night outs with your infant, then your wishes are granted.

Are you looking forward to the super option for night trips with your kid? Look no further as the stroller with bassinet carries the day, just go ahead and place your order. Babies are the best gifts one should have in their life, and how do we make them great? Simply have the right stroller for them.

  • Prams 

Prams are the stylish look of taking your baby out for a stroll. But you should know that the luxury of this traditional stroller will be perfectly felt during the first six months. It provides a very nice flat ground for your infant to sleep when strolling.

Prams are the stylish look of taking your baby out for a stroller

When your baby is grown and active enough, this stroller becomes dangerous due to its shallowness and hence no safety harness at all. The good thing about these kinds of strollers is that they are readily available and more so affordable.

If you are on a tight budget, pram will cure the hunger of having to stroll your baby at that moment.  Isn’t that so amazing that you won’t strain your back carrying your infant anymore when in need of strolling?  The most hectic part of nursing your baby is the infant stage, and with the technology of prams, you are sure of enjoying your outdoor adventures.

  • Travel System 

The travel system is a high-quality model kind of stroller due to it's up to date construction and style. The seat of this model is removable and this makes it a plus as you can always replace it with the baby car seat. The superb thing about this product is that the unique infant car seat can easily snap into the stroller with no adapters.

The travel system is a high-quality model kind of stroller

This kind of product is a very good pick for you today due to its affordable price. But because it is cheap does not mean that its features are compromised either. Its purchase comes with lots of accessories such as baby’s snack tray, parent organizer, and a cup holder.

Isn’t this amazing? You will not incur the extra cost of buying these items separately as when you purchase other strollers. With this kind of stroller, you are sure of your sleeping baby getting no disturbance during strolling. The other good thing about the travel system is that transporting your infant from the stroller to the house is safe more so when asleep.

It has come to our attention the confusion that most stroller buyers have when it comes to choosing the travel system models. You should know that some manufacturers are known to sell travel system in sets while others sell car seats and strollers separately.

You are better off with the model in which the infant car seat connects directly to the stroller without using the adapters. In the case where the stroller seat can’t be removed, it is acceptable to use the stroller minus the infant car seat.

  • Jogging Strollers

If you are the type who likes going out for a jog, then this is the right type for you. These kinds of strollers are made of three bicycle-like wheels whose tires are fully air filled hence it is all terrain. With this stroller, your jogging can be taken to another great level you would wish.

Running With A Jogging Stroller

Its sturdy construction and built-in suspension gives your baby the very smooth rides you so wish. It is a high time for you to know that a jogging stroller is only recommended for a child greater than eight months of age. This stroller is durable and hence will serve your child efficiently.

With the jogging models, be sure of super hiking, long walks and even running. However, the challenging part is that it is very heavy and bulky, making it hard to control especially when in some tight space. A number of these strollers can be used with the infant car seat.

  • Car Seat Carrier

This type of stroller looks like the travel system only that it lacks the main seat. The car seat carrier is an extra lightweight model that is suitable to ferry infant car seat only. This is also perfect when transporting your sleeping baby without necessarily causing him harm or discomfort.

Car Seat Carrier

It is a product that is very easy to use and does not involve much of paperwork.Throwing it into the trunk is a breeze. Its compact design is an added plus to its smooth use; you won’t require cumbersome assembling of its part in order to operate it. This carrier is popular with the parents living in the city.

These alternatives to strollers are also friendly priced and won’t cost much to acquire. Even though they sound to be amazing, they also have their downfalls. Once your baby outgrows them, they become of no use and hence you will need to purchase the real strollers.

The stroller carriers have poor quality wheels that are a bit hard to maneuver when using various surfaces.

  • Standard Strollers

These types of strollers also have the travel system construction that makes them to easily convert to the travel model when the baby is still very young. But later on, when the baby is outgrown you can convert them back to standard form.

Standard Strollers

This is a greatly known kind of stroller which comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. It is a type that can allow you to place all your needs concerning strollers and still emerge with the right one that meets all your needs. It has been mindfully designed to give your little friend the utmost comfort he or she deserves.

We have seen in the above types that it reaches some point where the stroller proves to be hard when controlling, but with this model be sure of an easier to operate the product. The special features of this stroller have that make it unique are; wide sun shades, nice size wheel, spacious seats, storage area under the seat and a deep recline.

This type of stroller proves to serve you best and fulfill all your needs. Your lovely baby deserves this great quality product that gives maximum feel during strolling. It is also important for you to know that this stroller weighs between 16 to 32 lbs.

You can also come across some of these strollers having a reversible seat that allows you to make the baby face you or face the world depending on your likes. Some can also have the pram option; hence you can easily convert it to a pram by just replacing its seat with a bassinet.

  • Lightweight Strollers

As the name suggests, these kinds of strollers are compact and extremely light hence they are travel-friendly. These are the easiest to maneuver models, especially when in some tight spaces. They weigh between 8 – 16 lbs.

Lightweight Strollers

Its lightweight property makes it swift enough to wheel out especially when your toddler is screaming from the mall or anywhere else. It is easy to strap using the padded harness into the seat. They are inexpensive and can be folded down for easy storage and transportation.

This type is what you need when you have quick errands or you want to travel to a distant area.

  • Double, Triple and Quad Strollers

Are you among the lucky few who have been blessed with twins or more babies? Or do you plan to have your next kids in less than three years or in quick succession? If you happen to fall in the above two categories then there is a need for you to have the double, triple or quad strollers depending on the number of kids you have.

With these strollers, there is no way one of your kids will be left out while the others enjoy the ride of their lives.  These tandem and side-by-side strollers are built to hold 2 or more babies. The other good thing about these strollers is how streamlined they are such that they can easily pass through narrow doorways.

The side-by-side double or triple strollers are easier to use when you have to get over a curb or even get down a hill. They, however, occupy wider spaces which might be disadvantageous when it comes to using them in crowded areas or even through narrow doorways.

The last but not least types of strollers in this category are the quad strollers. These are specifically designed to hold up to four babies at ago. Actually, these are the best models to have for a family guy whose kids aren’t all grown. What I like about the quad strollers is their convenience and the sense of unity that they bring to the house. They are quite costly though.

The tandem models, where seats are designed behind each other are, however, easier to navigate across tight spaces. With these strollers, you can even remove or reverse the seats to face each other. The major drawback is the second seat is usually smaller and can, therefore, only withstand lower weights.

On the other hand, these strollers are more costly and heavier compared to the single strollers. In this category of strollers, we also have the “sit and stand” which do have their main seats specifically designed for younger babies with a platform for older babies to either stand or sit just behind the main one.

 These models have gained a lot of popularity in urban setups where parents are known to run numerous errands.

2. Based on Your Lifestyle

What kind of lifestyle do you lead? Are you the type of parent who travels a lot? Do you find it hard to stay in an area for long? Some of these are also contributing factors when it comes to choosing the ideal stroller for your newborn.

If you love spending most of your time outdoors then you won’t have an otherwise but to buy a lightweight stroller. This will ensure that you become less fatigued as you push it around. The same case applies when you have a kind of job that involves a lot of travel to different countries.

The lightweight models can easily be folded down and transported to the various destinations. Remember that the wheels of the stroller have to be small enough. If the stroller weighs between 14 and 17 pounds, then it is good enough for your constant travels.

Again, if you happen to live a quiet and settled life that doesn’t involve a lot of traveling then any kind of baby stroller will be perfect for you. The kind of lifestyle you lead, therefore, plays an important role when it comes to choosing the best stroller for your baby.

Anybody who travels a lot should own a stroller that is lightweight, has a deep recline, large canopy, nice seat padding and should be foldable. There are also some additional features you can look out for such as additional storage baskets or adjustable handlebars.

You need to think of the kind of lifestyle you are most likely to live before you purchase a stroller. It will be a complete waste of time and money to buy a stroller that will not fit into your lifestyle. However great the stroller is, if it can’t meet your daily demands then it won’t be of any great use.

Still on the lifestyle, are you into fashion? There are some stylish strollers that can perfectly fit into your fashionable lifestyle. These strollers are very luxurious but very expensive at the same time. They aren’t practical as well and won’t last long.

You can also think of what is awaiting you in the near future and use that to decide on a stroller that will solve your needs. For example, if you plan to have another kid in the next few years then you should buy a stroller that is convertible. These products are perfect for use in case you have more than one child. All these boil down to your lifestyle.

3. Safety of The Strollers

Safety is another important feature that you need to pay close attention to before going ahead to make an order. Your safety and that of your child should be among the first key considerations to look into before you go ahead to buy a stroller. A safe to use stroller will keep you away from unnecessary injuries during use.

How safe is the stroller’s folding mechanism? There have been instances where such folding mechanisms have caused injuries to babies’ fingers. In fact, I’ve heard of instances where such fingers had to be amputated. This is something that shouldn’t happen to any of your children.

To be on the safer side, never fold the stroller with a child in it. The baby should be away when folding the machine to avoid any injuries that might come about as a result of the folding action. Additionally, does the stroller have parking brakes? A good one should have brakes so that it doesn’t roll on its own when left parked in an area.

All strollers must have functioning brakes on them

Whenever you are done parking the stroller, please check to ascertain that the brakes are properly set. Another safety feature that strollers should be fitted with is the harness systems to keep the babies in position. Whether fitted with side release or center release buckles, padded or not or even adjustable, the 5-point harness is important in ensuring that your baby is safe in the stroller.

Only use a stroller for what it is meant for. If the stroller isn’t designed for jogging, don’t jog with it. You might end up injuring yourself and your baby by trying to use a stroller to perform a task that it is not meant to do. Jogging shouldn’t also be done with babies that have not attained the recommended age of 8 months.

Where is the coffee holder located? Is it in an area that is a little far away from your kid so that hot coffee cannot spill onto the baby causing her unnecessary pain? These are some of the many safety features that you need to look out for in a stroller prior to buying one.

4. Based on The Design And Construction of The Stroller

An ideal stroller should be well-designed and built to last. What kind of material has been used to make the product? Are the materials used able to last long? What are the components of the stroller? These are some of the most important questions that you need to ask yourself when it comes to the design and construction of a stroller.

Based on The Design And Construction of The Stroller

Definitely, a stroller must have wheels but how do you know whether the wheels are able to serve you better? The foam-filled, rubber and air-filled tires are known for their durability. Anything out of these isn’t recommended for baby strollers. The good thing about these wheels is how easy they are to maneuver. They are also more durable.

Strollers should also have brakes, whether foot or hand brakes for security purposes. These should come in handy with the harness system. Make sure you go for a stroller that has a 5-point harness system as they usually secure the baby better than the 3-point ones.

The stroller should also have a well-sized canopy to protect the baby from bad weather and direct sun. If you can get a canopy that is adjustable the better as such ensure the baby is properly covered at any given time.

Another area you need to look at is the handlebar. An adjustable one can easily accommodate parents of different heights. As a parent, you will only push the stroller comfortably if the handlebar is set at the right height.

Another important part of a stroller’s design is the storage basket which allows you to store your diaper bag instead of having it hung on the handlebar as this is unsafe. Your bag needs to fit well into this basket. Some strollers are also built with adjustable footrests that help support the baby’s legs as they grow.

As you have seen, the design and general construction of a stroller is another important aspect worth considering whenever you are in the market for a stroller.

5. Budget/Price of The Particular Stroller

The money factor cannot be ruled out when we talk of strollers. But how much are you willing to spend on a stroller? That is another important area that you also need to look into as you shop for a new stroller for your child.

Stroller prices vary a lot, majorly depending on the differences in their features and quality. You can actually get a stroller from as low as less than $250 and at times even more than $2000. The more costly a stroller is then it is likely to be a high-quality one. Such strollers are known to last quite long as well.

Price of The Particular Stroller

The cheaper models do last for just months; something that you really wouldn’t like to spend on. When it comes to anything for your newborn, a stroller included, quality is one of the topmost considerations you will have to make. It is worth spending more on a stroller but you are pretty sure that it will be more secure for your baby.

A high-quality stroller will fold easily and won’t be hard to use as well. If you plan to have more kids then you will have to go for a stroller that will last long. To know how long a stroller is likely to last, check its warranty. If the warranty lasts a long time then there is a high possibility that the stroller will be more durable.

There are some other contributors to the differences in stroller prices. The additional features that the stroller has will also increase its price. It is worth spending on a stroller that offers you the value for your money.

Above all, you need to work within what you have budgeted to use. Remember, a stroller doesn’t have to be extraordinarily pricey for it to be a high-quality one.

6. Number of Babies

Do you plan to have more than one baby? Are you expecting twins? Or do you only have one baby to buy a stroller for? Well, the number of stroller-age babies that you plan to have will also dictate the type of stroller to purchase.

A single stroller that is convertible to a double one is very ideal for any parent who plans to have more than one child. A convertible stroller offers the flexibility that is needed to change a stroller from one state to the next depending on the parent’s needs. You don’t need to buy two separate strollers when instead you can get a single one which can serve your two kids sufficiently.

You can even remove the second seat after your firstborn child has surpassed the age of being ridden in a stroller. It is much cheaper to buy an additional seat for your stroller than to buy a whole new stroller for your next child.

But if you plan to space your kids so that at any particular time only one child is within the stroller-age, then a single non-convertible stroller is the most ideal for you.

Even if you happen to have triplets, there are strollers out here that will have all your babies covered. Is it cool to have all your babies being ridden around in a single stroller? This actually saves you a lot of hustle as a parent.

If the kids are of different ages then you need to look out for a stroller that is capable of handling the younger and older children. Having your kids use the same stroller allows them to the bond well which is absolutely great for their growth.

On the same note, there is no reason at all to buy a convertible stroller that won’t be of any use for you if you are going to have just single kids who are spaced well-enough so that they will at no particular instances be in the stroller-age bracket.

7. Storage Space Required By The Stroller

The storage space you have at home can also determine the type of stroller you have to buy. Do you own a garage where you can roll the stroller straight into? If you happen to be living in an urban environment with no much free space for the storage of the stroller then you have to reconsider your options.

That is where a foldable stroller that can be stored in the house comes in handy. How big is your car’s trunk? Remember that you will have to carry the stroller in the car’s trunk as you go places; therefore, you need to take note of the stroller’s size both in the unfolded and folded states before you purchase one.

Storage Space Required By The Stroller

The storage space isn’t only limited to how you will keep your stroller, it goes ahead to the additional storage basket the stroller is likely to come with. You will actually love to own a stroller that has the capability to store stuff like snacks, diaper bags and toys. A folding stroller with a huge storage basket will be so ideal for any parent.

You will have to be sure that the additional weight added in the name of diaper bag or purse can be sustained by the stroller. Too much weight stuff in the storage basket might render the stroller unsafe due to weight imbalance.

Take note of the stroller’s weight as this can be used to gauge the weight of additional stuff that can be added in the storage basket. Lightweight strollers are often fitted with small storage spaces so that they only hold a small number of additional materials.

8. Age of The Babies To Use The Stroller

How old is your baby? Babies have different needs depending on their ages and this is often replicated when it comes to strollers as well. You need to buy a product that will meet all your baby’s needs.

From birth to about six months, the baby cannot sit up and this means that he will need a lot of neck support. Due to this reason, you will need more of a bassinet or an infant car seat during the first six months. This doesn’t mean that the stroller cannot be used past the 6-month period.

There are lots of travel systems, prams and standard strollers among other things that can be fitted with infant car seats for use by the baby during the first 6 months. They can then be converted into a stroller that can be used by the baby above six months.

If you can get a stroller with a recline which is completely flat, then you better buy that without hesitation. This is important since babies who aren’t past the age of six months aren’t recommended to spend over two hours in a car seat. The stroller you are about to get home for your child should be safe and convenient to use.

Past six months to about three years, the baby becomes so active which calls for a change of tact. At this time, the 5-point harness system becomes so important in keeping the baby to his seat so as to avoid unnecessary injuries. The little one will be so playful that you will need to have a stroller with a large storage basket. The stock of food should never get depleted at this particular time.

Age of The Babies To Use The Stroller

You will also have to carry lots of clothes, diapers, and towels among others. This is important especially if you are likely to spend more than three hours away from home. A stroller with sufficient storage space will be essential for the now highly active baby.

Moreover, your choice of a stroller will need to have larger wheels so as to allow you get through different kinds of terrain with a lot of ease. To avoid changing your stroller after only a few months of use, you can go for strollers that have reclines that can be adjusted throughout the baby’s growth period.

9. The Terrain On Which The Stroller Is To Be Used

Where do you stay and what are the places you are most likely to visit with the stroller? Are you a city dweller who will be using the sidewalks and city streets only? Do you foresee yourself visiting trails and parks with your baby?

Well, the nature of terrain can also affect your choice of a stroller. Nobody wants to buy a stroller that won’t have the capacity to navigate through the various places that it should. It is for this reason that you need to pay close attention to the types of wheels that the stroller you are about to buy has been fitted with.

The Terrain On Which The Stroller Is To Be Used

Do you need a high-end stroller that can handle rough terrains? Then the perfect product for you should have larger wheels buoyed with all-wheel suspension for easy use on grass, dirt or sand. Such kinds of strollers are good shock absorbers and are, therefore, known to glide smoothly across different kinds of surfaces.

A jogging stroller can be very helpful in such scenarios as they are usually fitted with air-filled and large tires which can be used in any kind of terrain. This is usually not the case with regular strollers as they are normally fitted with foam-filled tires.

A stroller should at least have either of its front or rear suspended to cushion the baby against injuries in rough terrains or across bumps. You probably don’t want your baby to wake up during the process of strolling him around. A test drive before making an order will be of great help.

Avoid any stroller with plastic tires as they are not durable. It won’t be a nice thing to keep on replacing sub-standard tires frequently when it is something you can avoid from the word go. Don’t say we didn’t warn you about making such a mistake.

10. Ease of Assembly And Use of The Stroller

An ideal stroller shouldn’t be hard to assemble even for a first-time parent. Is what you are about to buy easy to use? Can you push it around on your own without being fatigued? Are you going to ask for help every so often?

The best stroller for your baby must not present you with operational difficulties. Of what use are you buying it in the first place if you can’t operate it? You need to be sure that whatever you are about to get yourself won’t present you with a myriad of challenges.

Ease of Assembly And Use of The Stroller

To be sure about how easy it is to use, you can check what other customers are saying about it. What are their experiences? Are they things that you can comfortably cope up with? If so then go ahead and make the purchase.

How easy is it to fold the stroller for storage at home or even for transportation in your car’s trunk? These are some of the other factors that are very crucial but often ignored by many parents only for them to get home and realize that they just got themselves in real trouble.


Choosing the right stroller isn’t only important for you but for your baby as well. The safety assurance that comes with making the right decision is what both you and the baby needs as he grows up. Most importantly, you will have ensured that you get value for your money.

We hope that this stroller guide has made you learn something new and you won’t repeat the mistake other parents have done. Do you have any questions or comments to make? Please share your thoughts with us and above all, let’s make this article viral by sharing it so as to help other parents. Thank you for reading.