What Is An Umbrella Stroller And Why Do You Need One?

There are some parents who don’t fully know what umbrella strollers are. If you are one of such parents then you aren’t alone. I know you have always asked yourself what these strollers are and what really is special about them. Have you ever found satisfactory answers to these questions? Well, your number one site for baby strollers has come to your rescue again.

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Buying something that you don’t know much about isn’t such a great idea. Even if you hear so many people give praises to a product that you haven’t come close to, it is not recommended that you go ahead and purchase it. Why do I say so? There are a good number of parents who have ended up buying strollers that they didn’t actually need.

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Remember, what works for another parent or kid isn’t guaranteed to work for you as well. So, what really are these items that have become the talk of the town lately? The answer is just right here.

What is an umbrella stroller then?

Umbrella strollers are compact and lightweight baby strollers that any parent can find in the market as we speak. The good thing about these products is that they are affordable. The umbrella strollers are collapsible into smaller sized units that are easy to store.

These strollers are highly maneuverable which makes them convenient for parents who have a lot of errands to run in towns. You can store the umbrella strollers in a car boot and pull them out whenever you need to use them. Isn’t this something to take pride in?

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These kinds of strollers are headache-free for parents who travel a lot; even if it is by public means. But how did such a name come into existence? The name is derived from its structure that folds easily just like the normal umbrellas. Their handles, which are J-shaped, and the rain and sun shield design are just but justifications for why the strollers are known as umbrellas.

Do umbrella strollers have age limits?

Umbrella strollers are the kinds that every parent needs at home because of their convenience. But are they really suitable for use by kids of different ages? Are there any age limit and weight that kids shouldn’t exceed when they are to be ridden in umbrella strollers? These questions lead us to another important section of this article.

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What is the perfect age of kids that should be carried in umbrella strollers?

Having talked about these strollers being small-sized and lightweight, you could be asking yourself if they will be perfect for use by babies who are a little older. What I can say about these products is that they are of different designs with the different designs capable of handling babies of different ages and weights.

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The different designs can handle younger kids, toddlers and even big babies. Whatever the age of your child, you will definitely get an umbrella stroller in the market; both online and offline markets that will suit his or her needs. But before you choose an umbrella stroller of your choice, check with the manufacturer to ascertain that whatever you are about to buy will serve both of you right.

What about very young babies?

If you have a younger baby who is just months old then an umbrella stroller designed with a backrest that is capable of reclining is a perfect match for your kid. This ensures that the baby gets enough sleep by resting horizontally. Such babies are known to spend many hours just sleeping which makes such umbrella strollers comfortable for their usage.

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Younger babies haven’t developed back muscles and supportive necks; therefore, they cannot maintain an upright posture like seated positions throughout the entire strolling journey. This is where that recline design becomes so important for newly-born babies.

If you happen to have a slightly grown baby who has developed his or her back muscles and neck and can ably sit up without much support, then you should buy an umbrella stroller that allows such baby to sit upright.

Can infants use umbrella strollers?

Even infants can still enjoy stroller rides as there are models that do meet their requirements. For infants, the umbrella stroller’s seat area should be well-padded and cushioned. It is this cushioning that will keep the infant comfortable as the back and neck muscles aren’t fully developed. The padding also works towards keeping the infant comfortable at any time.

An umbrella stroller with thin fabric is a total no for infants as they don’t provide the necessary support that such kids need. Unless you are out to cause your baby some pain, I wouldn’t recommend the use of minimally padded umbrella strollers for use by kids less than 4 months old. There are, however, some additional features that you might look out for in a stroller prior to the purchase so that buy only what will serve your kid well.

Do umbrella strollers have weight limits?

With all that, there is no age limit when it comes to the use of umbrella strollers. These strollers are differently designed to meet the demands of different kids as they grow. There is always an umbrella stroller for your baby regardless of his or her weight and age. The right choice, however, depends entirely on you. You are the one who knows what your baby needs and that exactly is what you should deliver for him/her at home.

But why do you need an umbrella stroller for your kid?

Is it really necessary to invest in an umbrella stroller or it is just a waste of resources? What are some of the things that you are likely to count on with this product? Well, let’s have a look at this other critical area revolving around umbrella strollers.

Firstly, umbrella strollers are relatively affordable. Being that these strollers aren’t complicated, they are often available at very low prices; something that almost all parents can afford even if you are operating under a strained budget. For less than $100, you can get a high-quality and reliable umbrella stroller for your kid. Raising a kid shouldn’t be a costly affair and this is what these strollers aim to achieve.

Secondly, the compact size of these strollers is also something to admire. This together with their folding features makes them easy to transport to various destinations. Even the storage space that they take up at home isn’t anything to be worried about as they occupy small spaces when not being used. This is not usually the case with the other non-detachable stroller designs.

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The other reason you need to buy an umbrella stroller is that it is lightweight. This makes the stroller easy to be pushed by parents. Even mothers who aren’t very strong can easily push their children in these easy-to-maneuver strollers. The maneuverability is aided by the relatively large wheels that these strollers are built with.

Drawbacks of umbrella strollers

There isn’t much to worry about umbrella strollers apart from the compact size that is always a challenge in cases where the child is bigger. With most of these strollers weighing between 5 and 10 pounds, it is apparent that they won’t manage to carry children who weigh more than such weights. And being that there are some babies who are born heavier, these strollers can be such a nuisance in such cases.


Umbrella strollers are very simple and easily available kid accessories. And as you have seen, their benefits outweigh the demerits meaning that you will definitely get value for money if you buy them for your child. Why struggle then when there are affordable and compact products that can meet your kid’s demands?

The benefits mentioned above, however, can only be enjoyed through proper selection of the right stroller. There is no shortcut to this. I believe you’ve learned something new about umbrella strollers. Is there anything that you think I’ve left out that will be of great help to others? Please share your thoughts with us.

  • July 23, 2018
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