What Is The Difference Between Strollers, Prams, Buggies And Pushchairs?

Why are these look-alike structures having different names? Which one is best suited for you? What makes the difference between these products then? And by the way, does it really matter the type you will have brought back home?

Well, in this article we are going to look at these products and see if there are any differences between them. This will enable you to make an informed opinion on whatever will meet your needs back at home. One thing that you should note is that these products are more or else the same, only that different manufacturers and stores normally choose a name of their choice for easy identification of their products in the market.

To eliminate the doubt altogether, let’s have a look at each of these products on their own and draw the differences amongst them. Read along.

The Difference Between Strollers, Prams, Buggies And Pushchairs

1. Prams

The pram is the short form of the word “perambulator” which basically means a baby carriage. A pram is often 4-wheeled and pushed from behind by a person who is on foot.  Prams are generally meant for newborns.

They are fitted with soft and flat bottoms which allow you to place the newborn to lie comfortably as you push it around. The canopies normally protect the little one from direct sunlight and other foreign materials. Prams aren’t suitable for use by babies who are starting to sit up as they will become bored of sleeping too much.


2. Strollers

A stroller and a buggy are so close to each other that it becomes so hard to differentiate which one is which. Although it is an American terminology, it is also used in the UK to mean the same thing as buggy. These are designed in a way that resembles chairs.

They are usually designed with some restraint systems that are composed of crotch trap, life belt and harness. Just like prams, they have hoods that ensure that the baby is protected from unwanted weather conditions.

The wheels that they have been fitted with allow for easy maneuverability of the machine. Strollers can only be used to transport kids who have the ability to sit up on their own. Strollers are, however, smaller and lighter compared to prams.  A good number of strollers are also collapsible which makes their storage simple.

The stroller seats are lowly placed and are, therefore, close to the ground.

3. Buggies

Buggies are the lighter versions of prams. They are best suited for use for babies older than 6 months. On the other hand, there are buggies that can be engaged right from a child’s birth but in such cases, the back should be in a position to lie flat. Buggies do come with a 5-point harness.

These are also collapsible which makes them easier to transport from one place to the next. If you have to use the buggy to carry a baby who’s not yet 6 months old, then it is advisable that you check whether it has some additional special features. Additionally, it should face frontwards when laid flat so that you get the opportunity to watch over the baby.

4. Pushchairs

These are just folding chairs that have been fitted with wheels. This makes the process of pushing a newborn along much easier. These models are way heavier compared to the above three models.


As you have seen above, these products have very minimal differences; something that only a few do take note of. In fact, it is only those who have handled them for quite a long time that can actually know the difference. First-time parents are the ones who usually become so confused the most when they are in the market for these machines for their soon-to-be newborns.

Actually, the names mainly vary depending on the environment in which you are staying. Don’t be surprised if you visit another country only to find the same product you have being referred to using a different name. You really need to take note that the name isn’t really of great importance as such.

What’s important is that you get a model that will serve you under the circumstances that you’ve bought it to perform. Now you are little in the know. Is there anything new that you think has been left out? How do you call some of these baby carriages where you are? Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

  • July 6, 2018
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