What Kind Of Stroller Should I Take To Disneyland? Let’s Find Out

Visiting Disneyland with your wife/husband, baby, friends, and little kids in town is one of the happiest times you probably will ever have. The magical kingdom gives you and your loved ones lots of memories as you enjoy the times of your lives.

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As a frequent visitor there myself, I have had my mixed share of bangs and shocks during the trips. There is a minor detail that most parents don’t give much thought to though when planning to visit Disnely and this is the Baby Stroller.

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When you choose to bring yours, rent one on site, or rent one off-site, you have to be able to push it around the tiny spaces available. You will also have to deal with loading it onto trams and buses as you move around.

Therefore, in light of the difficulty of maneuvering a large stroller through crowds, what kind of stroller should I take to Disneyland? Wonder no more as I have you covered in this article.

Should I Take A Stroller to Disneyland In the First Place?

Well, I have been asked this question a lot of times from concerned parents. Most of them have heard of the apparent hassle of maneuvering one through the dense crowds at Disneyland. All of the time, I say a big yes to them. Babies, even toddlers need strollers at a park.

The place is always hard work for your dear ones. Their feeble little legs can’t handle the ups and downs, shoving through crowds, and all the long walks. In general, it is too much work for little ones. What this means is that you need a convenient way of getting around places with your little one.

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With a stroller, you get a pretty useful equipment. You can easily move through crowds, if the baby feels sleepy, then you have a mobile spot for a nap. During shows and parades, the stroller then becomes a perfect seating point.

In addition, the stroller can also act as a holding place for some of your gear. So, trust me when I tell you that bringing a stroller would totally make your life a whole lot easier. It is also worth noting that while at Disneyland, you would typically walk for about 8-12 miles in total. That’s some serious distance while carrying your baby throughout.

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The only contention is always about what stroller you should bring along as it’s a choice that can either make or break your trip to Disneyland.  In whatever choice you make, always have the baby’s comfort as your top priority.

Later in this article, I will help you decide on what kind of stroller to have. Do you go big? Small for maneuverability? Or medium for convenience? I will help you decide between these.

The Type of Stroller to Bring to Disneyland

  • Easy to Turn

If you have ever been to Disneyland, then you know the number of turns you will have to make in a single day. Here, you will always be turning to avoid bumping into people. So, it is always a good idea to have a stroller that will not be a pain to turn.

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Although a double stroller provides you with convenience and lots of space, they can be quite a handful when it comes to turning around. I have also seen one of these types snap into two when being forced around a sharp corner. But if you are comfortable turning yours, then bring it along.

Some people might tell you not to bring a side by side double stroller as it might be harder to push around than the sit and stand options. Ignore them, I know friends who have pushed doubles through Disneyland even during peak visits in summer.

  • Strollers with Umbrellas Are Not Such A Good Idea

These types of strollers are great at accomplishing certain tasks. They are easy to move around and can be folded with relative ease. However, I think Disneyland is not the place for them. Some features in them will not let you have the greatest time as you would have wished.

Umbrellas provide toddlers and babies a comfortable shield_92262512

As you walk down Main Street, the tiny wheels on these strollers have a tendency to get caught within the tracks. These stoppages make for a very long ride. Another drawback is the lack of sufficient storage space within the stroller.

 You would always want storage space for snacks, souvenirs, and sweaters. With an umbrella stroller, this might not be possible. Consequently, you would have to spend on a locker in place of the stroller. Alternatively, you could hire a rental stroller instead for convenience.

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. Umbrellas provide toddlers and babies a comfortable shield away from the heat and all the people passing by, more so during naps.

  • One That You Don’t Want To be Ruined

Although stealing of strollers is not common at Disneyland, it is still good practice not to take any chances. But in my opinion, stroller destruction is still common. With all those people and kids around, things are bound to get messy at times.

Although stealing of strollers is not common at Disneyland 846447378

Some of you have that special stroller that you don’t want to be ruined at any cost. Perhaps it is an expensive one your husband bought you for your last born. These types have some sentimental value attached to them that you wouldn’t want them ruined.

Chances of things such as sticky objects finding their way into such strollers are very high. Then there are the lovely Mickey Ice Cream Bar stains being spread all over your spectacular stroller. Don’t get me wrong here. You always want to stand out, but not with your best stroller.

  • A Foldable Stroller

Under normal circumstances, I am a big fan of the huge rigid strollers. They are durable, hold lots of stuff, and are mostly very comfortable. The thing is, I wouldn’t take one to Disneyland. Because of the trams and trains, you need a stroller that you can fold when need be.

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Some parents are lucky to avoid the trams by parking at the Mickey and Friends lot, albeit with you having to wait in a relatively long line. In case this parking lot is either closed off or is full, then you will have to be rerouted to another parking, probably the Toy Story Parking Lot.

To get there, you will have to get on a bus which necessitates folding your stroller. You would have a much easier time if you brought along a stroller that is easy to fold when need be.

  • A Stroller with a Lock

I know some of you have a stroller that might cost a ton of money to replace. If you don’t want to worry about it getting stolen, then a stroller lock would give you a peace of mind. Just as with the previous tip, there are two sides to this argument.

There are those who have taken very expensive strollers to the park over time and have never had any issues with strollers being stolen. As with parenthood, some of us tend to err on the cautionary side of life.

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If you decide to get a lock, remember to only lock the wheels and don’t chain it onto Disneyland’s property. Strollers tend to be moved at times for drills, which may force the cutting of your lock.

Basic Stroller Rules at Disneyland

In case you have decided to bring along a stroller (which you should), there are various rules to remember.

  • Have a stroller with a recline for infants. It's more comfortable
  • The items you leave in strollers should be ones you wouldn’t mind losing
  • Mark your stroller for easy identification as there will be thousands of them at the parking lot
  • Always remove a sleeping baby from the stroller when riding the tram to and from the parking lot
  • If you rent a stroller from Disneyland, remember to leave it at the designated spots


So, what kind of stroller should I take to Disneyland? We hope this article has helped you make this a very simple issue. A stroller is a great accessory when visiting Disneyland. In as much as moving one around might be a hassle, the benefits you get far outweighs the difficulty you pass through. To make it easier on you, bring along the right kind of stroller for the job. While at it, remember to follow the Disneyland rules for a memorable time in the happiest place on earth.

  • July 24, 2018
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