Who Else Wants To Know How To Clean A Baby Stroller?

There is nothing that really frustrates parents more than ensuring that their children are kept safe the entire trip duration. The baby cannot be anywhere near safety if the gear that he is going to use isn’t clean. And the stroller is one of the most used baby apparatus and cannot be left behind.

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Dirt, germs, crumbs and grime are some of the unwanted materials that normally get piled up on a baby stroller after every use. These materials are actually inevitable. However much you might try to minimize the occurrence of the germs, there are still chances that they will find their way onto the stroller.

How To Clean A Baby Stroller

This calls for the need to keep the strollers clean. It is important for you as a parent and to the baby as well.  Every parent, therefore, needs to know how to clean a baby stroller. That’s why we’ve put together this article touching on every aspect of stroller cleanliness for you. Have a look.

Materials and Tools needed for cleaning baby stroller

The following are the requirements you will need before starting the baby stroller cleaning process:

  • Warm water
  • Wooden-like grilling skewers
  • A large bucket or even a bowl
  • Toothbrush
  • Towels of terry cloth
  • Mild or laundry dish soap
  • Hand vacuum or dust brush

Steps involved in cleaning baby stroller

A baby stroller is one of the best things you can ever give to your toddler. Therefore, care should be well taken for its survival. But the number one destroyer of the stroller is the mere gross. It is very important to clean up the stroller immediately the mess is done.

It is wise enough for you to adhere to the following steps in order to clean your baby stroller, with the help of the above cleaning tools of course:

1. Step one

When ready with all the cleaning equipment, now start with removing all the crumbs by using a hand vacuum.  This clearing should include sucking up of all the crumbs with a cordless vacuum. This kind of a vacuum will ensure almost all the types of crumbs are dealt with in a stroller.

2. Step two

After getting rid of all the crumb types, remove the available detachable parts. These parts include the fabric, baskets, cup holders and storage trays. Do a thorough checking on the instructions from the manufactures.

Types of Graco Strollers

The manual will help you be aware of the stroller parts that are not machine-washable or dishwasher safe. The parts should be separated and classified accordingly. Make sure you have the pictures of the place every part originates from as this will ensure reattaching doesn’t become a big problem.

3. Step three

In this step, the actual cleaning takes its course. Since we know there is no single solid dirt on the baby stroller, use a toothbrush to clean the crevices. After getting a toothbrush, simply dip it in warm water that is soapy and scrub off all stains on the fabric.

give your stroller some adorable looks

Let the super cleaning leave no traces of any dirt type. At times you may find it challenging to clean the dirt in some tight corners. Worry less as the wooden grilling skewers will reach cracks as well as the tight areas and give your stroller some adorable looks.

4. Step four

Here you are to wipe the stroller using the terry cloth towel. You begin by a mere dip of the towel in some warm soapy water, followed by a thorough scrub on the fabric. This superior wash will kick away any type of dirt that was not covered in the previous cleaning.

If you are lucky enough, you will find the recommended soap for washing your stroller. A number of manufacturers are fond of giving such information on the provided instructions. If your stroller misses the recommendation on the preferred mild soap then you have to look for another option.

washing your stroller

You shouldn’t go mad when you don’t have the important recommendation on your manual. Why? Be aware that a great number of removable fabrics are fitted tightly and hence it is safe to dry while on the stroller rather than just removing them.

5. Step five

After thoroughly washing the fabric, it is time to air dry it. This plays a very important role to your stroller at large. But avoid putting the fabric in a dryer and don’t spin dry it severally with the mind of speeding up the whole process.

To be on the safer side, simply find some secure place to hang the fabric until it dries up completely. It is a bit time wasting but this is the best for your stroller. By hanging the fabric, it will remain intact and hence will not be damaged at all. 

6. Step six

Last but least is to lubricate and ultimately clean the stroller tires. It should be at the back of your mind that immediately you finish cleaning the fabric then the wheels follow suit. This is simply due to the fact that the tires are the dirtiest components of the stroller and hence should be cleaned last.

ultimately clean the stroller tires

While cleaning, be very careful not to allow the wheels to come into contact with the fabric. This is because we know that the fabric is what your toddler sits on and hence should be kept as clean as possible. Be vigilant enough on the kind of lubricant you use on the tires.

It is recommended that you use the kind of the lubricant the manufacturer prefers. Lubricate the wheel bearings nicely and make sure the tires dry out perfectly.

What next after you are done with cleaning?

This is another area that has often been ignored by most parents but is of great importance as well. First, you need to make sure that every part of the stroller that was disassembled has been reassembled back to its exact location. Be sure to do the assembling after everything has dried up.

While getting back the steps, use the right tools such as screws to get everything into place. Secondly, spray the stroller with a disinfectant. Do it to both the frame and fabric. A nice-smelling deodorant will really bring the best out of your stroller; it will keep it fresh.

bring the best out of your stroller

If the stroller is a foldable type and doesn’t require to be used immediately, you can go ahead and fold it but make sure it is completely dry to prevent any rust buildup. Store it at room temperature to avoid cases of plastic parts becoming morphed.

Your storage area should be far from the window and not in a basement floor that is dusty. Otherwise all your efforts will have been rendered useless in a few days’ time due to dust buildup.

Why should you clean a baby stroller?

Baby strollers are known to house germs due to their use in public places that aren’t safe. Cleaning them is, therefore, an ideal way to disinfect them. This will not only keep your baby safe but you as well. Isn’t it your number one priority to live a healthy life as a family?

Why should you clean a baby stroller

Keeping the stroller clean also helps extend its life. This, in turn, saves you a lot of money when it comes to maintenance and needs to buy new ones.

Precautions involved when cleaning baby stroller

  • Only use the right tools and materials to disassemble and clean the stroller.
  • Not any detergent you come across in the market will work well on your baby stroller.
  • Never use very hot water to clean the stroller, instead, lukewarm water will do.
  • Before storing the stroller, ensure that it is properly dry to prevent cases of rusts.


As you have seen, the process involved in safeguarding your child’s health when it comes to keeping the stroller clean is very simple. It doesn’t require any rocket science. The materials and tools are things that are readily available. We believe you now know how to clean a baby stroller.

Why then should you put your life and that of your kid in danger by simply ignoring the information that we have here? It is that time that you have a peace of mind knowing that your baby is safe. Is there an area that you still don’t understand? Talk to us.

  • August 5, 2018
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