Who Else Wants To Know How To Fold A Bob Stroller?

Bob strollers are some of the best jogging strollers around for those looking for an ideal baby-parent workout partner. The company has over time built a great reputation for some of the best jogging strollers. That’s not all; these strollers are also usable for everyday purposes.

Better still, you don’t have to be a workout enthusiast to comfortably use these strollers from BOB. Apart from being a workaholic, these strollers are functional, come with great accessories, and are durable.

Despite the relative popularity and ease of use, BOB strollers have a feature that does not go down well with some parents. The 2-step folding mechanism requires you to learn how to fold a Bob stroller. Once you get the grasp of it, then you’ll realize that it is pretty easy to fold, unfold, clean, push and maintain.

How to Fold a BOB Stroller?

The fact that these strollers are 2-step fold may make the prospect of folding them unfathomable to some parents. However, the truth is that they are quite easy to fold and unfold once you get the hang of it. On it are 2 red tabs that you are expected to push and pull.

To simplify things a little bit for you, here are the steps on how to fold a BOB stroller.

1. Clear The Stroller

The first step is to ensure that everything is removed from the cargo basket. Folding it with some items still on board is foolhardy. Also, clear the pouches and ensure the baby is at a safe distance. The folding hinges may pinch the baby if they catch a part of theirs.

If you have an infant carrier attachment, remove that too. Otherwise, the BOB may not fold completely.

2. Raise the Handlebar

Next, squeeze on the tabs for raising the handlebar. You would want the handles to be in the most upright position while folding the stroller. This step may not make sense at this stage, but it comes in handy during one of the subsequent steps.

3. Set the Stroller Parking Brakes

BOB jogging strollers have the linked parking brake system. You need to engage these brakes to minimize the rolling of the wheels once the stroller has been folded.

4. Simultaneously Squeeze on Levers and Fold

If you check on the sides of the handlebar, you will notice two levers resembling braking levers. You need to squeeze on these levers as you fold the stroller forward. This sequence has to be done in tandem if you are to pull it off.

It may be hard at first, but after a couple of attempts, you should be able to get it done with ease.

5. Tug on the Red Handle

Once you have folded the seat forward, a red tug should be visible under the seat. Engaging the brakes is part of the success plan of this step. You then have to pull on this handle towards you so that you complete the folding sequence.

This step collapses the stroller frame and wheels, making for a more compact stroller.

6. Connect The Provided Red Buckles

This step is meant to keep the stroller in place without it moving about when in storage. Fix the red Velcro buckles so that the stroller doesn’t come undone. This illustrative video might be of help in getting your stroller to fold.

7. Remove Wheels

Lastly, you have the option of removing the wheels. It depends on how compact you want the stroller to be after folding. The stroller takes up considerably less space with no wheels than when you have the wheels in place.

Of course, the wheels are easy to remove and then assemble back when you need to get back and about. Your stroller is now ready for storage or transportation to your car.

Why buy BOB Stroller?

Any BOB stroller stands out for a number of reasons. If you are looking to invest in your first stroller, or want to make an upgrade, here are some of the great features to expect from your investment.

  • Adjustable Handlebars

One of the common complaints about most of the strollers is the fixed handlebars. At times, these prove to be a liability, more so to either short or tall parents. However, BOB strollers have adjustable handlebars to make it easy for parents of both height ends to push.

With these handlebars, all one does is to set the specific height at which you are most comfortable pushing. Every stroller has its height adjustments, so you have to check to identify which one you will be comfortable with.

  • Padded Seats

To make the baby feel as comfortable as possible, the seats are made from soft, well-padded materials. The padding absorbs most of the impacts as you jog through rough or bumpy city terrains.

In addition, these seats are covered with water repelling covers to make them easy to clean. The dobby weaved, poly fabrics on the seats are cleanable using a combination of mild soap and warm water. What’s more, the seats can be removed during cleaning.

  • Ample Storage Space

When going on a jogging stroll with your baby, bringing all the things the two of you need (and might need) is an added bonus. On every BOB stroller is a storage basket under the seat.

These storage spaces are generous enough to accommodate most of the stuff and baby essentials that you will be in need of. Snacks and water bottles can be kept in the side pockets fitted on the sides of the stroller. These provide an easy reach for convenience.

  • Shoulder Strap Padded Safety Harness

When you are out and about, the risk of the baby tipping over and out of the stroller remains high. To prevent any mishap from happening, all these strollers feature a standard 5-point safety harness. The shoulder strap has a special padding so that it doesn’t put too much strain on the baby.

  • Lightweight, High Quality Materials

Despite their sturdy structure, these strollers weigh considerably low. BOB strives to make the stroller light, yet capable of securely accommodating your baby to wherever your fitness and life may want to take you to.

The stroller wheels too are made from high quality polymer composite. This construction makes them high impact. Since these knobby tires are pneumatic, they are great for off-roading. The wheels are not only easy to remove, but they are also easy to inflate.

  • Comfortable Features

The handlebars are not only adjustable but are also padded for added comfort. You can push them for extended hours without developing sore palms or having the metal cut into your palms.

On the baby’s part, the reclining seat makes it possible to customize the angle of sit. They can sit upright, or recline deeper for a cozier sleeping position.

  • Infant Car Seat Compatibility

Despite being jogging strollers; BOB strollers accept infant car seats. Most of the models can be used alongside adapters provided by Britax. But before you use any of these; it is wise to consult your physician to know the condition of the baby before going jogging.

The general consensus is that babies older than six months who have adequate neck support are the ones who should go jogging. Constant jostling and shaking when jogging is also not good for brain development before a baby attains six months.

BOB Stroller Models Available

BOB strollers are availed in single and double options for parents who would love to own this brand of strollers. Some of these are as follows:

  • Revolution Pro
  • Revolution Flex
  • Revolution Flex Lunar
  • Stroller strides fitness stroller
  • Revolution Pro Duallie
  • Revolution Flex Duallie
  • Rambler
  • Revolution SE
  • Stroller Strides Duallie


The BOB line of strollers is easy to fold and unfold, whether it is the single or double stroller. In this regard, I hope the descriptive and illustrative steps above have helped you in a way to know how to fold a bob stroller. Among the processes above, it is the seat folding that troubles most parents.

The trick is to always squeeze on the handles and fold forward simultaneously. Otherwise, it may not fold down completely.

  • October 23, 2018
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