Who Else Wants To Know How To Open A Graco Stroller?

Your baby’s stroller is one essential baby care gear. It eases your mobility from place to place, even providing shelter in the scorching summer heat. I know by now you have probably bought one, or even have two for those “just in case” moments.

Who Else Wants To Know How To Open A Graco Stroller

Despite their undisputed benefits, some of these strollers can be challenging to work with, especially the modern ones of the 21st century. The Greco Stroller is one of those that first-timers find difficult to use. The usage problem is compounded if you don’t know what button does what.

 There are two common types of these strollers; the Graco double stroller and the single stroller. Both of them provide you with excellent convenience, but that is if you know how to open a Graco Stroller. If yours is giving you a hard time, then this article would help you a great deal.

Types of Graco Strollers

Graco strollers are some of the most popular stroller brands currently available in the market. The chances are that you already own one and enjoying their fantastic aesthetics. They have a reputation for producing affordable and durable strollers for your baby travel needs.

Types of Graco Strollers

Apart from offering you a wide variety of stroller models, the company continues to update their collections. Newer modular and convertible models are nowadays available. Generally, Graco strollers are availed in a range of five different types; Convertible, Lightweight, All-Terrain, Double, and Stand & Ride.

1. Convertible Strollers

Also called a travel system, this is one of the latest trends in stroller productions. These types consist of a seat that you reverse and remove as you wish. You can then take it off when you need to use the infant car seat when moving the baby from the stroller to your car.

Before your baby is ready to face the world, turn the seat around such that the baby faces you. When she is ready, you can then turn the seat back around so that your dear one can explore the world around her.

Some of these even have up to 10 different seating positions, while others can convert into a bassinet.

2. Lightweight Strollers

Another great choice for parents, the lightweight strollers feature compact folding, excellent portability, and multi-position and reclining seats. Some models even have adjustable height-handles for a customized stroller push.

Under this category, you can have the Graco Breaze which combines lightweight and umbrella type stroller. It's a one-hand fold umbrella stroller complete with an adjustable leg rest.

3. All-Terrain Graco Strollers

All-Terrain strollers are increasingly becoming popular among parents who go for long walks with their dear ones for more fun. You can take one of these for those miles of walks, sometimes into rugged terrains.

They are jogging strollers fitted with a front swivel wheel. Out of the Graco line of strollers, there are two of these that you may want to check out. The FastAction Fold Jogger, and the Relay.

Features range from air-filled rugged terrain wheels for a smoother ride, car seat compatibility to even reclining seats.

4. Double Strollers

For those blessed with twins, or would love to walk their two children, then double strollers are a great choice. Available in either a side by side type or a single file tandem, these are easy to manoeuvre and have a range of features meant to make your baby as cosy as possible.

If you prefer the tandem type, then the DuoGlider is a good option. It is relatively narrow for fitting through most doors. For both infants, the second elevated seat offers great comfort as it can accommodate both toddlers and children. You can swap either of the seats with a car seat.

5. Stand and Ride Strollers

This type is almost similar to the double strollers, albeit with a slight difference regarding capabilities. With this stroller, you can have two children of different ages on board. The elder child uses the back platform to stand and sit on the optional bench.

Your younger baby then takes the front seat. It's like one stroller and a half, and not a double. Two of these are availed by Graco, that is the room for 2 and Ready2Grow. These offer you different options, with the former being a more basic one and the latter being high end.

How to Open a Graco Stroller

The process of opening up a Graco can be a hassle at times. Not knowing the latches you have to liberate or buttons to push further compounds your woes. However, with newer models, the process of opening one has been made easier than the previous older models.

The previous types I had illustrated can be grouped into two groups of strollers; Singles and doubles. These two are opened in different ways, of which I will describe below.

How to Open a Graco Single (simple) Stroller

1. Place it on a flat surface

Once you have your stroller, place it down on a flat surface with its wheels on the ground. Ensure the handle is facing upwards while flat on the ground.

2. Snap its Handle

If you check along the outer parts of the stroller handlebars, you will find some buttons. Press these to snap the stroller handle into position. Some models may require you to pull the handle upwards towards you up to the point it makes a “click” sound.

3. Loosen the Stroller Side Latches

To open up the stroller, you have to loosen the side latches on either side of the stroller. These usually face the stroller centre from its sides. If you still cannot locate them, then look for plastic latches hooking a body bar to a frame bar.

It is these latches that keep the whole stroller unit together. They are what make it possible to carry the stroller single-handedly when closed without it opening up in the process.

4. Open Up the Stroller

Once the latches are released, the only step remaining is to open up the stroller. To do this, hold onto the handlebar with one hand, and then use the other to hold the baby tray. Then push out the two parts at the same time but in opposite directions.

Stop when you hear the stroller click into position. Your Graco stroller is now ready for use.

Instructions on How to Open a Double Graco Stroller

1. Place the Stroller on a Flat Surface

Just like before, start the process by having your stroller on a flat surface. The wheels have to be on the surface, while the handle is facing up. Look for an oval-shaped latch located between the handlebars.

2. Remove the Safety Strap

Before pressing the oval-shaped latch button, remove the safety strap that holds the whole stroller together. Cast off this strap belt tongue, then press the latch button to release the stroller side bars.

3. Pull on the Handlebars

To get the stroller into position, pull onto the handle towards you, just like you would do for a single-type stroller. Ensure you hear the clicking sound to know when it has got into the right position.

opening up your double stroller

When using the stroller for the first time, it feels stiff at first. If this is the case, push down the infant seat in front as you pull out the handlebar. With time, opening up your double stroller will be a simple one-hand operation.

If you need a video description of how to go about this opening process, then here is one that I hope you will find useful. It has helped me a lot at times.


Knowing how to open a Graco Stroller is a great skill, especially for first-timers. The good news is that it is a simple process that should take you a matter of minutes. Once you have located the latches and release buttons, then you should be almost done. Ensure the parts “click” into place when opening a Graco stroller.

  • August 11, 2018
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