Top Reasons Why A Baby Stroller Is The Most Coveted Gift

Getting a gift for new parents is never an easy task. You are left wondering what they could ideally love to have, but without asking them for their opinions. What if you get something wrong? Or what if they don’t like it? The variables just seem too many.

However, you don’t have to go through all this mental torture. If there is one gift that you can rarely expect to go wrong with, then that must be a stroller. Every parent loves strolling with their babies on those leisure walks in the late afternoon. So, it is one of the most coveted gifts out there.

There are lots of reasons why a baby stroller is the most coveted gift. Today, I will show you why you should have your work cut out for you when you decide to go the baby stroller way.

Reasons to Give a Stroller as A Gift

1. It is a Gift Parents Definitely Need

I have a phobia of giving out gifts as I feel that they might not need it in the first place. There are those that never leave their gift wraps, some are sold, while others find solace in the basement. You are then left feeling wasted for being a not so great gifter.

However, with a stroller, this fear of the unknown is somehow alleviated. Parents get to use strollers almost every day. Better still, with the best baby stroller, they will be looking forward to getting a breath of air in the park or around town.

There is no better feeling than bumping into your friends who are new parents out and about with the stroller you gifted them. You feel you impacted greatly in their lives and the joy visible in them motivates you to continue gifting such items.

2. It Cuts On Some of the Expenses for The Parents

When preparing for a newborn child, parents have to fork out large sums of money in expectation. Baby clothes, prepping the rooms, paying hospital bills among others take a huge toll on their finances. Throw in a stroller and other baby accessories in there, and you have quite a hectic budgetary balancing act.

Gifting such parents a stroller, therefore, saves them from two expenses: money and time.  Owning the best stroller costs a good amount of money while choosing the best demands time, research, and dedication.

As a result, you save them from these hassles that they do not have to go through. The new parents can then shift their focus to raising their new bundle of joy while remaining burden free.

3. A Stroller Brings happiness and Bonds the Family Together

Part of the practicability of a stroller as a gift is the way in which it brings a new family close together. The breadth of fresh air and being outdoors is a perfect way for new parents, especially first-time parents to enjoy some quality time with their little one(s).

At the same time, a stroller reduces some of the burdens of having to carry all of the baby essentials that you would need when up and about. The cargo basket alongside the numerous storage pockets accommodate probably everything you require during stroller rides.

Carrying all these stuff by yourself can be quite exhausting. This alone time is also essential for the development of the baby through visual stimulation of the brain as you pass through the lush green and beautiful sceneries. Similarly, parents get to exercise when pushing the stroller.

4. Strengthened Relations and Love

Since you will have saved the parents from extra expenses, giving them a way of bonding together and giving them a useful gift will make the love between you grow stronger. Because of the hassle, you would have saved the new parents and they will be forever grateful for your selfless deeds.

If there is something parents are in dire need of then that is a friend they can rely on. These types of friends lessen their everyday burden. Some of the parents are also not in a position to afford a stroller in the first place. Therefore, they would owe you a great deal of gratitude that lasts for a lifetime.

5. They Are Associated with Celebrities

A common gift item among those lavish celebrity baby showers is a high-end baby stroller. Recently, Kylie Jenner gave her gifted herself with one of the most luxurious strollers available. The Fendi stroller is a manifestation of the growing reasons why strollers are coveted as top choices for baby gifts.

While yours does not necessarily have to be the most expensive or luxurious as these ones of the celebrities, the impact on the parent’s lives remains the same. It is the nobility behind the stroller gift that counts.

Top Stroller Brands Given as Gifts

Finding the perfect stroller for a gift is a nerve-wracking experience. With so many options available, a fancy one may be hard to single out. To help you out (to an extent), here are some of the top brands you may opt to give as a gift. Note that this list is in no apparent order, and is not exhaustive.

  • Baby Jogger

Are the parents to be fitness freaks? If yes, then Baby Jogger stroller brands are some of their best workout companions. These strollers help parents accomplish both outdoor adventures, have their little one(s) lugging along and keep their fitness levels up.

The motivation behind these strollers was the need to have a baby travel equipment capable of withstanding long distance travels over all sorts of terrains. While most of the models are designated for jogging, not all can be used in doing so.

Each of these strollers is designed to meet different parental needs. There are those singles that can be converted to doubles as your family grows, complete with a one-hand fold. This brand of strollers is premium, meaning the price tags are quite high.

  • Mountain Buggy

This New Zealand brand stroller brand is another one designed for off-road stroller users. The designers claim that these strollers are meant for dads and moms with a passion for mountain climbing. Well, whether that’s true or not, these strollers perform impressively in terms of safety, engineering, and customization.

Stroller options range from singles, doubles, and carrycots. The latter option permits you to convert the stroller into a bassinet-style pram. At the same time, the seats can recline independently in some of the options. This feature is great if you want to have the babies face different directions (rear and forward).

With price ranges from about $399 to as high as $1,299, you have a great price range to choose from. Nevertheless, reviews are sometimes mixed, with buyers impressed with the sizes and lightweight nature. However, the value for your money isn’t always great.

  • Bugaboo

The good folks at Bugaboo market their strollers as aiding in free movements of parents. A wide variety of strollers are availed to help parents and their precious ones explore the world in as much comfort as possible.

Notable examples include the Fox which is designed for comfort, the versatile Cameleon, and the convertible Donkey. There are also the Bee designated for urban parents as well as the Runner aimed at parents with a passion for jogging.

Depending on the styling and sizing, prices do range between $1,000 to about $2,000. For the premium pricing, you gift a stroller that’s easy to handle and steer, well-engineered for safety, and high versatility. However, the high pricing and folding mechanisms are drawbacks.

  • Target

If your soon to be or new parents love to keep things simple, then Target brand of strollers are potential options to select from. From this line of manufacturers, there are four stroller options to select from a traditional single, upright buggy, double stroller, and a buggy.

Each of these models carter for different baby needs. For example, the buggy and double are meant for quick travels and storage in tight spaces. Because of their simplistic natures, usage should be limited to children over 6 months old with a weight limit of 15 kgs (33 pounds).

Quilted padding on the seats, swivelling front wheels, low prices, low weight, and a great value for the price are some of the likeable features to expect. Storage compartments are small, thereby limiting the number of essentials you can bring along on stroller rides.

  • Britax Strollers

Famed for innovation and stroller safety, Britax has cut a niche for itself among European and America stroller buyers. The company produces both strollers and infant car seats. All these receive decent rankings globally by safety experts.

Two features stand out in these strollers and car seats: The SafeCell and Side-Impact protection mechanisms. These energy diverting compressions deflect shocks from a car crash, aiding in keeping the kids safe.

Alongside these features and a revolutionary ClickTight system of car seat installation introduced in 2013, this stroller brand would be a great idea for a gift.

  • Chicco

No matter your location, I think you are most likely to find a Chicco Baby stroller to buy as a gift. Pronounced as Kee-Ko, this brand continues to receive global respect for their quality. The strollers are easy to use, are in-line with real-world uses, are safe, and efficient.

If you opt for an accompanying seat, for the most comprehensive stroller gift, then Chicco offers you an option. Their designs give utmost preference for baby safety and ease of use. Emphasis is on ease of making adjustments and caring for the seats.

  • Maclaren Strollers

By transferring aeronautical engineering to baby carting equipment, Maclaren brands offer you a coveted gift. The strollers are famed for their durability, styling, safety, and ease of transportation.

Premium materials are used to construct the stroller frame to reduce the weight while increasing its sturdiness considerably. As a result, the baby will be assured of a safe ride. It is not only the babies who ride in comfort. A host of innovative accessories like the stroller to enhance the parents’ strolling experiences.

Notable Mentions

There is a whole list of strollers that you can buy for your friends as a gift. Apart from the brands mentioned above, there are other options to consider. This does not in any way mean these are inferior in performance.

  • Joovy
  • Mamas and Papas
  • Maxi Cosi
  • BOB
  • Valco Baby
  • UPPAbaby
  • Stokke
  • Peg Perego

Bottom Line

If you have been wondering why a stroller is always a sure-bet as a gift, then I hope these reasons have provided great insight. I have also included some of the brands that top the stroller gifting lists so that you know where to begin your search.

Whether it is a stroller for a single baby, doubles, triples, quadruples, and sit and stands, there is every option for you. The parents will truly appreciate your grand gesture, making you feel better for having a positive impact on someone’s life.

  • November 22, 2018
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