Why Can’t You Jog With A Regular Stroller? Let Us Find Out!

Now that you are slowly getting back to your usual self, you have started feeling the urge to start getting fit again. That’s actually a good move, and you should resume your regular jogging routine if you ever stopped in the first place.

Mother Running Walking With baby Stroller in Park

When it comes to the time to hit the road, you are faced with two choices. You either bring your baby along or go it all alone. Most moms choose the former, which then brings up another question. Should you use a regular stroller or use the one specifically made for jogging?

Most of us have always had the belief that any stroller can do when it comes to jogging. However, this is always false and misguided. But why Can't You Jog with A Regular Stroller?

Mother Pushing Child in Jogger

Well, for starters, they are not meant for jogging. There are also several other reasons which I will highlight in this article explaining why it is not good to jog with a regular stroller.

What are the Differences between a Regular and Jogging Stroller?

As I have just mentioned, most of us parents simply assume that all strollers are the same. Such parents then go ahead to assume that all strollers can be used under the same circumstances as long as their babies are comfortable. This notion is however not true and does not work out all the time.

Differences between a Regular and Jogging Stroller

First of all, there are numerous types of strollers out there. They range from umbrella, doubles, travel systems, ride along with seats for both toddler and baby to the jogging strollers. Each of these is made to excel in a particular function, which the other might not excel in.

Regular and Jogging Stroller

For today, your concern is between a regular and jogging stroller. Specifically, you need to know which of these you can use during your brisk walks, running or jogging. Let us first see how different they are from one another.

1. Types of Wheels

The most distinguishable difference between a jogger (jogging stroller) and other regular strollers are the wheel types fitted on them. A jogger features a characteristic three wheels. These air-filled rubber wheels resemble those on a bicycle.

One of the wheels is in front; then the other two are at the back. These air filled wheels act as shock absorbers when you push it over uneven terrain.

On the other hand, a regular stroller features 4 wheels. Two wheels in front, then two at the back. Instead of rubber and being air-filled, these wheels are made from hard plastic. The wheels’ configurations differ from model to model. They might not necessarily even be 4 in total after all.

The most distinguishable difference between a jogger (jogging stroller) and other regular strollers

If you go for high-end ones, you might find some with rubber tires. They in return provide more of a bumpy than smooth ride for your baby when on rough terrain.

2. Front Wheel Design

Although it is not always apparent, the front wheel design is another difference between a jogger and a regular stroller. Most of the joggers have front wheels that swivel when used for regular purposes; then when jogging, you lock it into place.

difference between a jogger and a regular stroller

For a regular stroller, this feature is non-existent for easy steering at walking speeds. When jogging, a swiveling front wheel presents a safety hazard since it can change direction any time hence bringing the whole stroller into a tumble.

regular stroller

Moreover, on a regular stroller, the swivel front wheel makes it easier to maneuver around obstacles. Walking your baby in the city becomes an easier task. A jogging stroller going faster would change direction unexpectedly when it hits the smallest of obstacles.

Why Can’t You Jog with Regular Stroller? 

If you are planning on bringing on a little one during a morning jog, you would be better off with a jogging stroller and not a regular one. You could even be planning on going jogging at a normal pace on smooth roads.

The jogging stroller is still the better option because of a number of reasons. It enables you to enjoy the benefits of jogging while at the same time keeping your baby safe.

  • Uncomfortable Rides on a Regular Stroller

First of all, I have never come across a jogging path without dirt, rough patches and gravel on it. It is on such terrains that the jogger stroller excels on. And instead of enjoying your workout session, you would in turn be tending to an irritated baby with all the common complaints.

Uncomfortable Rides on a Regular Stroller

The difference is provided for by the air filled wheels of a jogging stroller. Just like on a bike, the air in the wheels acts as cushions from obstacles. If you are lucky, there could be a suspension on the rear two wheels.

using a regular stroller for your jogs

All these features miss on regular strollers, making for a pretty bumpy ride. Unless of course you want to take your dear on a little roller coaster ride in the morning or late afternoon, just avoid bringing the baby along.

  • You Could Easily Get Stuck

Another disadvantage of using a regular stroller for your jogs is that their small wheels easily gets stuck in obstacles. You see, the wheels on a jogger stroller are designed to be slightly bigger so that they easily roll over large potholes, unlike the smaller ones on a regular stroller.

unlike the smaller ones on a regular stroller

If you imagine yourself jogging or running at a fairly fast speed, the wheels getting lodged in uneven parts of the road can be disastrous. A sudden stop could flip the stroller with your baby in it. The stroller could end up getting damaged unexpectedly.

  • Most Regular Wheels Have No Front Wheel Lock

By now, you are aware of just how essential it is to lock the front wheel when jogging. A freely swiveling wheel is a safety hazard for a young one on board. Accidentally hitting even a small obstacle makes the wheels change direction on a dime.

Regular Strollers Lack Provisions for a Handbrake at Times

The result is a whiplash injury which worsens if you were running. If the stroller does topple over, the baby can be thrown out of the stroller. I wouldn’t imagine that happening to your dear one. With a jogger, you can lock the front wheels so that they move in a straight predetermined direction.

  • Regular Strollers Lack Provisions for a Handbrake at Times.

When jogging with a baby on board a stroller, safety precautions have to be top notch. Nothing should ever cause them harm, especially if it were avoidable. Take jogging down a hill for example should never be attempted.

Without a handbrake, keeping the stroller under control becomes harder than if you had an option. Sitting back and acting as the resistance to the stroller’s motion can be disastrous at times. This is more so when the terrain in slippery.

most jogging strollers have the option of a handbrake

A regular stroller is meant for use on almost flat terrains and not on steep sloping terrains. I think most jogging strollers have the option of a handbrake so that you can bring it to a stop at will for safety.

  • You Might Be Tempted to Go Jogging with an Underage Baby

If you were not aware, there is a certain age below which you should not take your baby jogging. A jogging stroller is made in such a way that it should be used by babies who are older than 6 months.

the seat on a jogging stroller

As for me, I prefer the 12 months’ age because this is when they are adequately ready for a jogging trip. At this age, your baby is well prepared for the jogging shock. Because of this important reason, the seat on a jogging stroller is made such that it does not recline beyond a certain limit.

Younger babies would find that restriction too discomforting as they are not able to fully support their necks. So, your baby would be more comfortable on the jogger than the regular type.

Safety Precautions to Have in Mind When Jogging with a Stroller

I hope by now I have convinced you to drop the idea of using a regular stroller for jogging. Haven’t I? Well, good. Now for your next jogging with a jogging stroller, be sure to keep these safety tips at the back of your mind.

  • Always use the wrist strap located on the handlebar of the stroller. It helps keep the stroller close to you in case the unthinkable happens.
  • Use the back wheels’ flip lock when you stop or need to take your hands off the stroller
  • Carefully plan out a route before going jogging. Is the weather too extreme? Is it too dark? How safe is that route? Be paranoid about every detail. You can say I am choosy, but I prefer a paved trail.
  • Avoid jogging in crowded areas. Once you lock the front wheels, turning ability would be greatly impeded.
  • Be prepared for the added difficulty of jogging with a stroller. Nothing will surprise you in the process


Why Can't You Jog with A Regular Stroller? It is because regular strollers lack some of the features fitted on a jogging stroller. These are safety features, wheel design, and seating comfort. You are, therefore, better off using each stroller for its specific purpose.

Jogging strollers can be used as regular strollers, but I don’t think the same could be interchangeable with a jogging stroller.  Otherwise, if you insist on using the regular stroller, then use smooth paved trails then briskly walk and not jog. In this way, you can have better control of the stroller movements.

  • August 15, 2018
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