Why Strollers Are Making Kids Passive, Inquisitive And Fat

The use of strollers in homes has significantly increased in the past years. Apart from concerns on them eating up a lot of storage space (especially when using public transport), the convenience that they normally come with is something that most parents love. In fact, most strollers embracing our markets recently are fancier and comfortable. This has made them quite irresistible.

Why Strollers Are Making Kids Passive Inquisitive And Fat

Another negative effect of the frequent use of strollers on your baby is the reduced bonding between the two of you. But these are topics for another day; there is something more serious about these strollers that we want to talk about today.

Is it true that strollers make kids passive, fat and even inquisitive? How do they contribute to such negative side effects when in the real sense they are designed to improve the baby’s health? How then should you go about using strollers while at the same time ensuring that you bring up a healthy kid?

The article you are just about to read talks about the relationship between the above problems and strollers. It goes ahead to provide solutions so that you will end up raising a kid that is not only healthy but very active. Take a look.

How the use of strollers causes kids to grow fat, be passive and inquisitive

Before we proceed, please note that the use of strollers shouldn’t be condemned in totality because of the mentioned side effects. They are actually things that just emerge due to prolonged use of the strollers. So, at what age should you stop your kid from using the stroller?

Most kids normally start walking on their own at the age of two. It is during such times that you shouldn’t allow the little one to use the stroller but instead encourage her to walk on her own. Doesn’t this look like a form of punishment to the kid? And how important is it for the kid to walk alone?

Use the stroller

Walking allows kids to explore more about the environment and things of the sort. This ensures that the kid’s brain processes are stimulated. Rarely will a kid who spends most of his or her time on a stroller get such an opportunity. Why then do you want your kid to lag behind by not allowing her to make those simple steps towards greatness?

Through walking, a kid learns about anchoring and landmarks. The kid grows knowing her routes and all possible destinations along such routes. Having said so, do you still have doubts that excessive use of the stroller has been the root cause of your baby having a poor memory?

Researchers have also found out that walking is necessary for a kid’s socio-emotional development. You could be asking yourself how. Well, a walking kid has the ability to make decisions on her own at instances which require her to do so. This is a right step to ensuring that the kid develops the unique desires that she has.

The use of strollers and the general kid’s fitness

On fitness, a kid that walks a lot is healthier than one who spends the better part of the day being ridden on a stroller. As the kid maneuvers across different paths with agility, she strengthens her muscles while at the same time burns the majority of the calories. The burning of fats in the process of walking; therefore, is very crucial for the baby as she grows.

The use of strollers and the general kid’s fitness

Not allowing your kid to burn calories through walking can be equated to feeding your kid on sacks of sugar. Can you imagine how dangerous that sounds? Do you really want to sit back and watch your daughter or son get into such problems while you can help?

The use of strollers and language development

Another area of concern with the extended use of strollers is on language development. More often than not, we do push our babies from behind on strollers. This means that your kid cannot watch your mouth as you speak. How will they learn to pronounce words and even talk by extension when they can’t watch us speak? This is a big hindrance to language development.

Spatial knowledge has been found through a research to be a result of the active mode of transport such as walking in kids. Knowledge of whatever is in the child’s environment is very important for a kid, something that non-walking kids don’t have the privilege to enjoy.

The use of Strollers and Environmental Familiarity

A child that knows almost everything in the surrounding will always stay safe unlike those with little to no knowledge as they do get exposed to a lot of dangers. Environmental manipulation helps a child to get anchored to the world.

Some of us who spent their childhood days wandering across paths do take the least amount of time to learn their surroundings. This is especially when there is a change of environment compared to others who spent most of their times indoors or on strollers. In fact, the former usually feel secure regardless of the environment they find themselves in. There is that feeling that you actually know where you are and what you are likely to encounter in such places.

The use of strollers does limit the kid’s navigation space as there are places that the little machines can’t access, unlike walking that can be done in almost all kinds of terrains. The kid also gets an opportunity to learn about animals at an early stage which is important for her studies in the near future.

A child who is allowed to train to walk usually develops a lot of confidence growing up. She knows that if she makes a mistake, there is still room for improvement as she has been there before, unlike somebody who gets himself in such a situation for the first time. Additionally, the kid will always be ahead of her peers in terms of body and mind development which means that she won’t become stigmatized at all.

Does it, therefore, mean that strollers are bad for kids?

Strollers cannot be said to be 100% bad. In fact, strollers are very convenient accessories up to the point where most parents decide to overuse them. Why should we allow kids who should be walking to lazily stroll around in strollers? Aren’t we the very people who are encouraging the kids to lead unproductive lives?

Actually, there are few instances where you can be exempted to use strollers to ferry kids that are old enough to walk on their own. This doesn’t, however, mean that you should use the stroller at any given time. These very strollers have made so many parents live very productive lives while at the same time ensuring that their kids get raised up perfectly well.

Whenever I come across a bigger kid in a stroller, it is actually the parent I blame and not the child. The child isn’t aware of the problems he is getting into but the parent already knows. It is such parents that will make the use of strollers get banned in some countries and states. Why do I say so? The statistics on the number of obese kids is worrying.


We hope you have now known why strollers are making kids passive, inquisitive and fat. The use of baby strollers calls for proper scheduling to ensure that you achieve whatever you bought it to achieve. As a parent, you need to have some light walking sessions with your kid in between the rides for the kid’s proper growth.

Besides the exercise, the child gets an opportunity to get closer to you and the environment as well. Walking isn’t the solution to all the concerns raised in this article. However, it is of great importance for a child’s growth. Lack of exercise and environmental touch by a kid who spends most of his or her time on strollers causes childhood obesity and a number of behavioral problems.  

All these are things that no parent in their right senses should ever allow their children to go through. Having said all that, a stroller is, therefore, a necessary evil in our homes. Do you agree with me? What is your thought?

  • July 21, 2018
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